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Thread: Spokesman article about toughness and rebounding

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    Default Spokesman article about toughness and rebounding

    Don't have time to find it and post it but it was a pretty good article. It essentially said Ira will play the 4 this year and be expected to help pick up the loss of Pendo and Kuso for rebounding and toughness. A few Pargo quotes about toughness. Sounds like Pargo and Ira are the leaders this year. Anyway, if somebody else wants to post it it's worth reading.

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    “Toughness is a really big part and I think the whole team is trying to do that in the off season so far,” Downs said. “I’ve been trying to pick up on that myself, with the toughness and leadership. Ira’s done a great job and Pargo, everybody on this team really looks up to him as a leader.”

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    If I didn't know better, I'd think they were reading this board. Being tougher has been a common theme on here.
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