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Thread: Next year's freshman class

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    Default All kinds of things...

    All kinds of things can happen. This year, we were debating the depth issue because we had: Davis, Downs, Heytvelt, Burgess, LG, Foster, etc. etc.

    Those "depth" problems went away with injuries, red shirt, playing time, arrests etc. On paper, there are too many players for not enough minutes. That may not be the case later with injuries, playing ability, or just life.

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    Default 07-08


    Pargo, no question
    Bouldin, no question
    Downs, no question
    Pendo, Few loves to start seniors
    Starting Center is the big question.

    We have no clue about Josh or Theo. Kuso will make a big leap up in ability after his first year in the program and he will be a senior. Foster is improving, but I doubt he will be ready to start. Sacre is a mystery. Ira is a 3/4 in the Pendo mold.

    Who is the first guard off of the bench? PMAC or Gray? PMAC's minutes are going to be limited and I expect Gray to get serious minutes by mid season. Pargo & Matt will get Dickau & Blake like minutes if healthy.

    Micha is the primary 3 and Daye comes in for him. Larry G is in the same position as PMAC and its a tough one, same for Burgess. I wonder if they, LG and Burgess come back?

    Pendo and Ira will play the 4, Theo might get some time if he is around.

    If Josh is here he and Kuso divide time with Sacre getting minutes. Foster will have to earn his time at practice and become a fighter.

    Our bigs lack experience, Josh has a total of one season on the floor, like Kuso, that is all we have for veteran leadership in the paint, but we will be OK as long as Josh and Theo can play.

    If we stay healthy and Josh and Theo come back we should be a top 10 team by the end of the year, the following year top five or six.

    All the best,

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    Default maybe we should face facts..

    with all of these players...quality players who know their talent level and know they could be starting elsewhere...i think we should all brace for at least one transfer...ideally all of these kids would want to stick around regardless of playing time because they believed they could do something special...but as much as we love these guys...everyone has egos and everyone wants to play...not saying it will happen...but i dont think i would be surprised and i dont think some of you should/will be surprised either...its just the nature of the beast

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    Default Rotation

    The Elite 8 team of '99 suited 10 & they all played:

    Santangelo, Hall, Frahm, Calvary, Eaton, Dench, Floyd, Nilson, Leisure & M. Spink. Everyone of them contributed.

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    Default a transfer or two seems likely...

    and I certainly would understand if someone transferred elsewhere for more
    PT. It's is probably inevitable.

    however, I would be extremely dissappointed to see anyone leave to play for

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    Please you're parrotting my biggest pet peeve. Ira is listed as 6'4. Odds are he's shorter than his listed height, most athletes are. He was a 3/4 at Phoenix College a D2 juco. He will not "be a 4" at GU, an elite NCAA D1 school. He may spend some time crashing the boards and banging underneath but it will certainly be because of the size of his heart not his height. Ira brown is a small foward.

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    Default Next year's Freshman class

    Who would have thought Downs would be a 4? You never know. Never. This year's team taught me that. The other thing is that you can predict right now that there will be injuries. There almost always are. We were hit extrememly hard this year, and it was good we had so many outstanding athletes. It will certainly be fun watching next year to see who does make it though because there will be a lot of talent coming in. I think the greatest thing about this class coming in is that they are quality people. They won't come in expecting to start and will accept it, and they will understand that if they are going to play at Gonzaga they will all need to be Zags first, and that means a team player, warriors second (and not far behind), and Ninja Warriors third (and not far behind).

    I think Daye is going to be a star. I can hardly wait to see him play.
    Sacre seems pretty awesome to me. He will be a star.
    I think Gray can play if he is a great defensive player. The new guys will need to learn quickly that we have plenty of offense, and if they want to play they will need to stand out on defense. Raivio is a great defensive player, and is not given credit for that. 3rd or 4th all time in steals at GU. Gray needs to know that. The new Zag that can shoot 3's and play D will play next year....

    Starters: Pendo, Kuso, Pargo, Bouldin & Downs: How could you not start them next year after what they've done for us this year? Few's greatest quality is loyalty...I like that about him. It's old fashioned....

    I think Josh and Davis will have to fight it out with the incoming Freshman if they come back to GU? Sounds like Josh is planning to. I haven't heard about Davis yet...

    Out of the Freshman coming in I think Daye will play the most, followed by Sacre, Gray will fight it out with PMAC. If PMAC comes ready to play next year Gray will redshirt. If PMAC continues to play like he did this year then Gray will play. I don't really know enough about Ira yet. I'm more interested in his ability to play Defense and Rebound then I am in his ability to dunk and hit three's.

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    How do you guys think that the conversations went on the Carolina message board prior to this season. They play 12 EVERY game. No one averages more than 30 minutes a game and they have many more highly rated recruits than GU. It all depends on the coaching staff and how they massage the egos. The thing that I do like is that it seems that most of these incoming and current Zags have good, quality personalities and characters. I think you can tell a Steven Gray that he needs to sacrifice his scoring his first year or so and concentrate on defense and rebounding. If there ever was a year for the possibility of multiple players having breakout games, I believe next year is it. Any of 10+ players have the ability to score 20+.

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