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Thread: Tenn Cheerleaders sign leads to torn ACL for Oral Roberts player

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    Default Tenn Cheerleaders sign leads to torn ACL for Oral Roberts player

    Anyone watching the ORU vs Tennessee game last night? Less than 10 seconds into the game an Oral Roberts player, Mariana Camargo, goes down at the baseline. It looked at the time like an ACL the way she went down, and sure enough, it was. But it just looked like she landed wrong. Come to find out, it was a Tennessee cheerleading sign she stepped on! Wow, what a horrible way to go out!

    BTW, Spokane's own Angie Bjorklund had 16 points and 7 rebounds,hit four 3-pointers to lead the Lady Vols in scoring in 18 minutes of play! Way to go Angie!
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    Unhappy Just one accident is one too many!

    Thanks ZAGZEALOT for your thread. You have hit a raw nerve of mine. I have been concerned over the last two or three seasons about the encroachment of our own cheerleaders along the base line. As I remember it, the cheerleaders used to stay near the mouth of the tunnels and would run out and back as time allowed for stunts and cheers. I don't remember any problems with their location at that time. About 2 or 3 years ago they moved to a much more visible location along doted line and behind the baseline. At first I thought it was a great idea,...our cheerleaders are always WONDERFUL and they have a definite role in GU argument with me! I soon noticed they were crowding the video camera people and sports photographers who have to be there. If the game were nationally broadcast the extra media people made the room behind the baseline really tight. Last season I noticed that megaphones were being held near the actual baseline during active play. Being concerned, I dropped a note to the athletic department but they didn't seem to think it was a problem. Our cheerleaders use signs but I haven't noticed any on the floor during live action. Perhaps someone else has noticed.

    The important point here is vigilance for safety. I am NOT picking on our cheerleaders. It should be everyone's concern that our basketball court, "Bowman Court" ha!, be as safe as possible during a game. Which one of next years players are we willing to cast away because of a torn ACL due to a careless accident like this? Our players run a high risk of injury just playing the game. The athletic department reviews game tapes, I suggest they pay extra attention to safety before we have an accident that could spoil a season for everyone. Can we be too careful?

    Again, I have kind regards for our cheerleaders.....
    The players, coaches come and go, it's the Ladies Basketball program that endures!

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