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Thread: Frahm and Dickau Tidbits

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    Default Frahm and Dickau Tidbits

    Frahm: From a story on
    Frahm to Spain: Back in January, the Clippers expressed a desire to re-sign Richie Frahm to a second 10-day contract. Then, they had injuries at point guard and instead signed Guillermo Diaz to two 10-day contracts.

    Then, there were rumors that Phoenix was going to sign Frahm. But according to Frahm's friend and former teammate with the Clippers and Gonzaga, Dan Dickau, the shooting guard has signed to play the rest of the season in Spain.

    That's all there is about Richie in the column, which focuses on possibilities of the Clippers buying out Sam Cassel's contract:
    In the background of all of this is the fact that Cassell wants to be bought out of his contract so he can join a contender. The clock is ticking on that possibility because if a player joins a team after March1, he is ineligible to play in the postseason.

    Over the past few days, Cassell has not come out and flat-out said that's what he wants. But earlier this season, he said he'd be a good fit with the Boston Celtics, and despite his diplomacy, it is obvious that he'd like to be bought out.

    Cassell is making $6.1 million this season and is in the final year of a two-year deal. The word in the Clippers' organization is that it's possible the organization will go ahead and buy him out. If it doesn't, it will have to deal with a veteran whose heart isn't in remaining with the team. Also, there hardly is any motivation to keep him during a season in which the team is just about mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

    Although the Clippers have been tight-lipped about its plans, there is a feeling that they will eventually buy him out.
    I've been concerned, of course, about Dan Dickau's role on the team and what happens if Cassell leaves.

    From ClipsNation today,
    It should be noted that Dickau played very well in this game. He's the only Clipper to have been with the team all season and never get a start. Even Ruben Patteson and his old Gonzaga buddy Richie Frahm have started for the Clippers this season. Dickau also leads the team in DNPs. But when he has been called upon he has played well. He ended up shooting just 2 for 9, but he made 8 free throws and finished with 13 points (his second best scoring night this season). He also played surprisingly good defense. Of all the players in the NBA, perhaps only Earl Boykins looks less like a professional basketball player. But the guy knows the game. He finished the game with 2 steals and a team-high 6 assists.
    ESPN Box Score for yesterday's game.
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    Default Frahm

    Good eye, Native. Many top level teams in Spain. Hope Richie found himself a good fit.!!!

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    Default re overseas prospects

    in general.

    I have heard on radio several times now that the NBA is taking a keen interest in taking over (read purchasing) and running several overseas teams, or creating their own. I understand it's already underway.

    BIG deal. the equivalent of a farm system. Great for basketball & cleaning up all the messes that seem to exist. Even greater for players like Frahm, DR and all who follow.

    There was a thread here on the various problems as outlined by Matt Santangelo in a talk in SPokane earlier this season.

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