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  1. Healthy, Returning to Form

    Defend, Steal, Dunk!, a poem
    Anton, our hero,
    Anton, so clutch,
    Look out, Toreros!
    "Dunk you very much!"
    Dunker - 97
    Dunkee - 66
  2. McCarthy Athletic Cage

    Zags Cage Tygers, a poem
    Tyger, Tyger burning dim,
    On the hardwood of Few's gym.
    What immortal hand or chin,
    Could foresee how big Zags win?
    GU - 100
    UP - 78
  3. Journey for the Tourney

    Do winning teams that progress to the following weekend stay put the entire tournament? Winners there, in other words, for weeks? Or do they fly home during the week then back again for the...
  4. Timme Takes Tass to Task

    Zags Rip up McKeon, a poem
    Roses are red,
    Gaels soon to slumber,
    When Zags rip up floor,
    Bring out the lumber.
    Zags - 98
    Gaels - 63
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    Easy there. Michigan?

    This isn't the same Michigan team that pounded the Zags last year, is it? Mostly the same guys? If so, this fan's uneasy.


  6. Thanks, Pro. An exercise in Kiddwell goofiness. ...

    Thanks, Pro. An exercise in Kiddwell goofiness. (I've had this one in reserve for a few weeks now.)

  7. Like Shooting into the Ocean!

    Zags Splash Treys, a poem
    Roses are red,
    "Huddle up, huddle!"
    Zags make tsunami,
    Waves make a puddle.
    Tsunami - 101
    Sue Naumi* - 75
  8. Yo, Ship Ahoy!

    High and Dry, a riverboat poem
    All hands on deck,
    (Stuck on an Islet.)
    Zags rock the boat,
    Beach U-P's Pilots.
    Coach Few's Armada - 102
    Coach Porter's Dinghy - 67
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    Point Guard, Chicago


  11. Whaz goin' on?


  12. Will the Zags play a game in California this year?

    [Basket]"Ball of Confusion," a COVID poem
    Roses are red,
    Zags beatin' who?
    Not Santa Clara?
    Instead BYU?
    Zags - 91
    Cougars - 79
  13. Fun!


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    Virginia Wins!

    Here's hoping SMC is at full strength. (Two of their frontline guys were out for the San Diego State thrashing.)

  15. USF beat #4UVa! USF beat #4UVa!

    Victors Square Off, a rhymed couplet
    Though both beat the Cavs,
    Zags win both the halves.
    GU - 99
    USF - 68

  16. Last Pre-WCC Warmup

    Few tasers Blazers, a rhymed couplet
    Team gets tricksy,
    Electrifies Dixie.
    Zags - 100
    Blazers - 70
  17. Depth, and More Depth

    Martynas in the NorZone, a rhymed couplet
    Few preps deep for "The Dance,"
    Give Arlauskas a chance.
    Martynas & Co. - 107
    L'jacks - 65
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    Great Report

    Thanks. :adored:

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    According to the play-by-play guy, the Gaels were minus two frontline guys. They clearly haven't the depth to deal with that. Was really hoping for a close game vs. SDSU. The Gaels were clobbered...
  20. Zags Special Sauce

    MAC Attack, a poem
    Roses are red,
    Ma'am, just the facts.
    Cavs have big guards,
    Zags, two Big Macs*.
    Suggs, Nembhard - 88
    Murphy, Stattmann - 63
  21. Thanks, 23! :]

    Thanks, 23!

  22. Don't see our second Northwestern State game on Root Sports

    Figured Root Sports would've upgraded their original schedule to reflect the Zags' second tussle with the Demons tonight. I see a rerun of yesterday's game still showing for 7:30 pm. Anybody know...
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    Same question here. Saw Pavel on the bench, in...

    Same question here. Saw Pavel on the bench, in the huddles, but not Martynas. Hope both Pavel and Martynas get minutes tomorrow. The surprise for this fan is not seeing Pavel on the court at all...
  24. Zags' Bench gets much-needed Game Experience.

    Bench Exercises, a rhymed couplet
    'Tis the season,
    To exorcise Demons.
    Exercised - 109
    Exorcised - 54

    :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: :boxing:
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    Think we got "second half" tired.

    Zags score 51 on Iowa in first half, Iowa scores 51 on Zags in second half.


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