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    Congrats, Baylor

    Baylor showed a lot today. Great bounce back. They'll be No. 2 again next Monday. Michigan's clobberation by Illinois a big surprise given the Illini were playing w/o one their stars.

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    History Repeats Itself?

    Hmmm, does West Virginny take down Baylor, hand the Bears their second "L" in a row? Really like both teams, but think Baylor's gonna lose again.


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    Michigan, Michigan, Michigan

    Thinking Baylor, due to missing a lot of games/being rusty, will not survive unscathed the rest of the way. Think either KU or WVU gets them in the "regular season" and Baylor doesn't win their...
  4. WCC Tournament

    Vegas, a rhymed couplet
    Lions in town,
    Lions go down.
    GU - 92
    LMU - 71

  5. Tip of the Hat, Sean!

    Flour Power, a poem
    Zags blue plate special,
    But Broncs want instead,
    Rather than pound cake,
    Some "Farnham Flat Bread."
    Pound Cake - 96
    Pumpernickel'd - 70
  6. Last Minutes, Foot Off the Gas

    Fans, Fans!, a rhymed couplet
    Some fans in the seat'ns,
    See Zags stay unbeat'ns.
    Zags - 93
    Toreros - 71

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    Zak's not playing either

    Why's Zakharov getting little-to-no PT? Four star, Top-100 guy. Not a minute tonight. Injury? High-schooler Gregg plays (which is good), walk-ons play (which is good), but not Pavel.

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    Prediction: The WCC Tourney with everyone in attendance, as usual.

    Given my druthers, and taking the long view, this fan wants the business-as-usual WCC Vegas Tourney. As others have said above, if GU skips Vegas for COVID reasons, then last-minute rescheduling of...
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    Options to GU skipping the WCC Tourney

    Been off GU Boards for a few hours, so not sure what went south with the other thread. Here's hopefully a fair and non-incendiary question: If GU were to skip the WCC Tourney, would the team be able...
  10. Pooh's in the House

    Pooh Gael, a poem
    A loss, O, so tough!
    What can a Gael do?
    Coach Mark takes a win.
    Coach Randy, a pooh.
    Winnie - 98
    The Pooh - 61
  11. Quad-1 Teams/"Nearby" List

    Meet any of 'em Halfway, get ESPN or CBS involved!

    04. Houston -- suddenly available for Sunday, except we're playing Saturday, yes? How 'bout getting them to move their Sunday game to Monday? ...
  12. The new...

    "Bay Area Bombers," a poem
    Roses are red,
    San Francisco.
    Zags hit their treys,
    Hit their free throws.
    Bombers - 97
    Bombed - 71
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    I was thinking Michelangelo's "David," too. ...

    I was thinking Michelangelo's "David," too. (With jersey, shorts, socks, and shoes.) :p

  14. Thread: Ballo?

    by Kiddwell

    Insightful, nicely argued. :]

    Insightful, nicely argued.

  15. Marching Toward Madness

    The Tourney Journey, a poem
    Roses are red,
    Suggs takes a charge.
    Zags play for a win,
    Cougs? For an "at large."
    Zags - 93
    Cougars - 81
  16. O, golly, I hope...

    Is Baylor on pause only for the sake of the Big 12? If, yes, not COVID, only for the sake of the Big 12, then what about an OOC tussle? Against a team we know and love? Could Baylor's week off be...
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    Why not Portland?

    It's been a long, long time since this fan's been on the the Pilots's campus, but it sure seems that a lovely big city (Portland) would be an attractive coaching venue. Biggest city in Oregon. ...
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    Wondering if anyone on our end suggested, "Hey,...

    Wondering if anyone on our end suggested, "Hey, no problem! We'll fly to you, play you in Texas!" After all, we've done that once this year already. (Drew Timme's fan base would've loved a second...
  19. Glad for Conference Foe, Wanted Houston

    Stocktown Knockdown, a rhymed couplet
    Zags, their usual terrific,
    Pound down the U of Pacific.
    Zags - 99
    Tigers - 65

  20. West Coast Confidential

    Seashells, Church Bells, a love poem
    Roses are red,
    Champagne, Salami,
    Zags score an evening,
    With darling Sue Naumi*.
    Win Some - 93
    Winsome - 73
  21. Healthy, Returning to Form

    Defend, Steal, Dunk!, a poem
    Anton, our hero,
    Anton, so clutch,
    Look out, Toreros!
    "Dunk you very much!"
    Dunker - 97
    Dunkee - 66
  22. McCarthy Athletic Cage

    Zags Cage Tygers, a poem
    Tyger, Tyger burning dim,
    On the hardwood of Few's gym.
    What immortal hand or chin,
    Could foresee how big Zags win?
    GU - 100
    UP - 78
  23. Journey for the Tourney

    Do winning teams that progress to the following weekend stay put the entire tournament? Winners there, in other words, for weeks? Or do they fly home during the week then back again for the...
  24. Timme Takes Tass to Task

    Zags Rip up McKeon, a poem
    Roses are red,
    Gaels soon to slumber,
    When Zags rip up floor,
    Bring out the lumber.
    Zags - 98
    Gaels - 63
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    Easy there. Michigan?

    This isn't the same Michigan team that pounded the Zags last year, is it? Mostly the same guys? If so, this fan's uneasy.


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