View Full Version : UW Changes Course for Athletics

Angelo Roncalli
02-07-2008, 09:06 PM
A very interesting article:

SEATTLE, WA-- Administrators at the University of Washington announced today that they will disband the university’s athletic program and adopt the UCLA Bruins as the school’s official sports teams.

"For years we’ve attempted to field our own teams," Athletics Director Scott Woodward said in the morning news conference, "but obviously we’ve failed miserably. Today we are changing course and backing a successful program."

The Huskies have fallen on hard times in recent years, finishing at or near the bottom of the Pac-10 in both football and basketball. "We went from being a football school to being a basketball school to basically sucking in everything," said Bellevue resident John Williams. "I’m just glad the nightmare is over."

The recent hiring of Rick Neuheisel by UCLA factored heavily into the timing of the announcement, Washington officials said. "We felt that having a former Washington coach at the head of the Bruin football program will help our fan base transition to this new arrangement," said Woodward.

The University of Washington will also become a member of the University of California system. The Seattle campus will now be known as the Washington Extension School of the University of California, or WESUC. "This will do wonders for our academic standing," said Washington President Mark Emmert, "not to mention the fact that we now have much, much better looking cheerleaders."



02-08-2008, 07:02 AM
El Papa, interesting turn of events. Now UW is "betting" on Neuheisel. My how the worm turns.