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01-28-2008, 11:21 AM
Hmmm...where to start, where to start...

Let me begin by saying it was a pretty memorable trip to say the least. Even though we lost, it was really alot of fun. Later on tonight or in the morn, I am going to post some pictures from the trip, so stay tuned.

First things first...I'm driving my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, with me, my bro, and three other friends. We FINALLY arive in Memphis at about 10:00pm Friday night. We've driven about 2 miles into the city when....BAM! I get hit by a freakin drunk driver!! Are you kidding me?! It was crazy! I'm just driving along and he pulls right out in front of me! I get out of my jeep, he gets out of his car...and stumbles and falls into the side of my jeep. I just stand there glaring at him...he looks at both vehicles and the damage that was done and says (exact words) "I ain't worried bout it....I fix mine, you fix yours. We cool?" HAHAHAAHAHAHA I say "Heeeeell No, are you kidding me dude? You just plowed into me??". Long story short, he tried to leave, my bro is behind his car trying to play Hercules and hold the car while the guy is reversing. My other buddy jumps in the passenger side of the vehicle and tries grabbing the keys out of the ignition. A fight starts to break out, then the cop shows up. Very good timing...so anyways, the guy gets arrested, and we stand in the middle of the street, freezing cold, for about an hour and a half while they take police reports, statements, yadda yadda yadda. The ONLY good spin I could put on the situation is my vehicle was still driveable! It would have been a nightmare to have to rent a vehicle to drive us all home then somehow arrange for my vehicle to get towed and fixed somewhere in Memphis, then come back to get it and what-not, so I was VERY thankful for that. By the time we get to the hotel, its almost midnight...

Welcome to Memphis! haha

Later that night, we head over to Biele St. to meet up with GUinSTL and crew for a few beers (which I needed badly at this point). Oh, and by the way, we took a cab! So we hang out there for a while, and even met 5-6 zags fans to chat with. I was donning my zags sweatshirt that read "GONZAGA" real big acrossed the front of it. Surprisingly, I heard very little from the Memphis people. (more on this in a second).

We head back to the hotel, go to sleep, and I woke up before the rest of my party so I could head down to the FedEx Forum to sell my tickets. I had 4 tickets to sell (2 were mine, 2 were GUinSTL's). I bought 4 extra tickets because when I went to the Memphis/GU game 2 seasons ago in Memphis, my buddy and I didn't have tickets and had to buy them from scalpers outside the FedEx Forum. We arrived 3 hours early, and could not find ANYBODY selling tickets. We finally found a guy 5 minutes after tip-off and had to pay $100 EACH for tickets that had a $5 face value!!! So anyways, I bought 4 extra thinking I would sell them, become rich, and retire a happy man...*sigh* Oh, how wrong I was... We get to the arena and everybody and their sister is selling tickets. Long story short, we sold all 4 tickets (totalling $70 in face value, we had paid about $100 for them) for a whopping $25!!! All four!!! What the crap?! Ugh, I'm still mad about that...

We head into the arena, and we were ridiculously outnumbered. I only saw a handful of zags fans, but I made sure to high-five each one that I DID see. As far as the game goes...Pargo was great, Josh seemed ridiculously sluggish, and I wished Downs would have been a little more aggressive. As far as Josh goes, I know he is still recovering from being sick, so its hard to blame him, but man...he looked really, really bad live. I hope he recovers soon...we need him badly.

One last thing. Of ALL the places I have gone to see a game (Tulsa, MSG for Duke game, Mizzou, and Memphis), Memphis BY FAR had the coolest and most respectful fans. Everywhere else I have gone, I have had stuff thrown at me, curse words flung my way every 5 seconds, and an endless stream of other crap tossed at me. Not here though. Of course, there were a couple people yelling stuff, but you'll always get that. I could not believe how many awesome Memphis fans I met though. So many people stopped to ask where I drove from, then asked about the players on our team, or asked about Morrison, and a bunch of them said Gonzaga is their favorite team besides memphis. After I was hit by the drunk driver, a guy pulled over to see if I needed help. We were talking while the police were taking reports and such, and he said he was a Memphis fan and would be at the game the next day. He even offered my friends and I to stay at his house that night, and gave us his phone # and said if we had any problems or needed something to give him a call. Super nice guy. Then, the morning of the game, I left the hotel early to sell my tickets. I started walking by myself to the arena, figuring I would see a cab very soon (about 2.5 miles)...I was wrong. I walked about a half mile when frost bite was about to set in. All the sudden a huge blue pickup truck pulls in front of me. It was all decked out in Memphis Tigers decals and such. I'm thinking "Great...they are going to throw something at me", but nope, they rolled the window down and asked why the heck I was walking, and told me to get in. There were 4 Memphis fans inside, all dressed in Memphis gear. They were really, really nice, and asked all about me and the zags. Anyways, they dropped me off 1 block away from the arena. They were awesome. Then, I had atleast 5 Memphis fans in the arena tell me good luck, or say something nice like that. I was very pleasantly surprised. Oh, and I only had ONE person say something to me on the way out after the loss. I'm walking out with my head down, and some guy says "Go back to Spokayne! Memphis is #1 ! Yaaaaa!", then I said "Ya man, HUGE win. The #1 team in the country beats an unranked team by 8 points! Great win!" Then his friends all started laughing at him. haha. Other than that, I had tons of "good game" and such.

Overall, great experience! Can't wait to go to my next game. HOPEFULLY in Spokane next year!!!

(Although....this brings the zags record to 1-4 when I see them in person, so...yans might not want me to come!) haha

I will post the pictures soon!

01-28-2008, 11:29 AM
Wow, just a great report! Well, not such a great report as far as the car wreck is concerned and issues with tickets, but a fun report to read.

Thanks, WooHoo. Always glad to have you there representing.

01-28-2008, 11:35 AM
Excellent report, WooHoo. Sorry about the car. Glad you found your way back home. I'm sure the missus is relieved.

01-28-2008, 11:40 AM
Sorry about the traffic incident, WooHoo, but at least you & your pals were safe.

Sounds like the good fans of the Tigers were hospitable.

Go Zags !

01-28-2008, 11:41 AM
Nice one, woo. Thank heaven you know people in the car insurance racket. Glad you're safe.

Thanks for carrying the torch for all of us in Zagville (particularly the Spokayne contingent); we have no better ambassador.

See you in Snowkane next year.

01-28-2008, 11:53 AM
Dang woohoo that sucks about the accident. I also found the Memphis fans very hospitible. Basically everyone said how much they respect our program, and how bad they need this game just like we do every year. I just hope we can pull out a W one of these days. I wish I could've met you and GUinSTL for beers. I was in the Flying Saucer Friday night decked out in GU gear watching an 80s rock cover band haha they were pretty good, and all the Memphis people said I was brave to be wearing that haha. I also had a fan yell "How bout those Tigers" on the way out. I came back with a "Yea, that was pretty bad, my 7 year old female cousin can shoot free throws better"....All his friends laughed as well haha.

01-28-2008, 11:59 AM
"How bout those Tigers" on the way out. I came back with a "Yea, that was pretty bad, my 7 year old female cousin can shoot free throws better"....All his friends laughed as well haha.

hahaha, that's hilarious! What a great line.

ZagMan in Philly
01-28-2008, 01:13 PM
I enjoyed your post. Too bad we could not win the game. It would have been awesome walking out of their stadium with your head up and all smiling.

I had the pleasure to see us win twice this year on the road...at St.Joe's and at Boston. If I had been at Memphis's game, maybe things would have turned out different. :)

Hope to meet you at a future Zag game.

Go Zags!

01-28-2008, 02:13 PM
Great post....but what about the game?

01-28-2008, 03:42 PM
Awesome post! I read it like a book! Good to hear about the fans, sounds like our teams and schools are pretty similar, er, except for the rankings and all! So, I take it you didn't take my advice and begin the "overrated!" chant? Probably a good call under the circumstances. :D

01-28-2008, 06:33 PM
So, I take it you didn't take my advice and begin the "overrated!" chant?
I wanted to! Trust me! I almost started chanting it when we took a 1 point lead...but it just didn't feel right. :o