View Full Version : Vivian Frieson - Ready to break out?

01-28-2008, 10:58 AM
Unless I'm wrong, I think this Sophomore Bombshell is ready to make some noise in the WCC. Vivian is ready and capable of a double-double, NOW, perhaps as soon as Thursday night's game with Saint Mary's. Lets review her stats so far in the first five WCC games. Totals: Rebounds 43, Points 40, averaged out to 8.6 Rebounds and 8 Points per game. When Vivian rounds off a few rough edges, the WCC will have another Lady Zag to stay up late at night to worry about.:)

GO LADY ZAGS! Play hard! Play safe!

young julez
01-29-2008, 08:57 AM
One of the great things about this team is that most of the girls are capable of huge games...It kind of relieves the pressure on the girls of having to perform.

As far as Vivian goes, I think the fact that she was out of the seven games early in the season left teams a little unprepared, as her play this year is definitely stronger than last year. Knowing Vivian, the fact that Coach Graves is looking to her to be more of a contributor is a huge factor for her. I would love to see her improve on defending the post position, during the Pepperdine game she had troubles with that.

It is a great group of girls and the team is so young and doing so well, that makes the future of GU Women's basketball look promising and it is obvious that the team enjoys playing together. Lets keep winning!!!!

01-29-2008, 09:58 AM
I met and spoke with the lovely, talented and personable Miss Frieson at the men's game last night and she is determined for her and Heather to be one of the best inside forces in the west. She says Coach Graves is really pushing for her to continue to play hard and intense--no lapses into casualness--and she seemed genuinely excited about the potential. She and several other Lady Zags sat just below me, having a great time at the men's game. Chemistry and comeradie could not be better. Viv is the easiest person for me to talk to, she'll sit down and give you all the time in the world.