View Full Version : WCC Newcomer Award???

02-27-2007, 09:31 PM
I can see the argument for a SCU player grabbing a share of the POY Award in the WCC... but I don't agree with it. Raivio was a clear frontrunner in my opinion.

However, Danny Pariseau as the WCC Newcomer of the Year... just pathetic. His season averages:

29 (Games) 9.9 (Pts) 3.0 (Reb) 4.8 (A)

WCC averages:

14 (Games) 9.2 (Pts)

I won't argue that he was an emotional leader on that SCU team, but to claim the WCC Newcomer Award... this is a stretch.

I thought Antonio Kellogg was a more clear choice for WCC Newcomer despite the fact that he did not play in 3 conference games. His WCC averages were leaps and bounds over Pariseau's...

11 (Games) 17.1 (Pts)

If this is truly the best newcomer for the conference this year, that speaks volumes for the talent level in the WCC. I don't mean to sound negative about SCU players grabbing awards (they had a good season), but I this award really puzzles me:confused:

02-27-2007, 09:39 PM
i agree...i will say congratulations to all of them but i dont have to agree....denison is a stretch for player of the year (i dont understand the "most efficient scorer" quote in the press release...raivio and pargo both outscored him, maybe you could say most efficient shooter but sorry his numbers arent even close to POY worthy) dougherty's numbers are embarassing for an all-conference performer and as far as pariseau if he's the best newcomer the wcc has then, well, that says very little about the wcc...

02-28-2007, 10:35 AM
scu had a great year for them which is why denison got it IMO. tough to find a POY on that team though. pargo would be a better fit that an scu player. and you hit the nail on the head with the kellogg/pariseau comparison. odd.

02-28-2007, 10:46 AM
I believe the same logic that got Antonio Kellogg named as the ABC television Player of the Game award on Saturday is the same reason that Danny Pariseau got the WCC Newcomer of the Year Award and Sean Dennisson got the Co Player of the Year Awardfor the WCC.

ABC proclaimed their USF/GU "Player of the Game" with 1:30 left in regulation when the Dons had the lead and the leather. As it turns out, GU tied it up and prevailed in overtime.

The WCC coaches HAD to have voted before the weekend's results were known. Otherwise, why give a guy who doesn't average double figures the "Newcomer" of the year award and another guy who barely scratched double figures Co "Player" of the Year award? They helped their team finish 2nd. True, it was 2nd all by themselves but 2nd nonetheless.

I believe Antonio Kellogg had as much (or more) right for either of those WCC awards as the SCU kids did.