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01-25-2008, 10:18 AM

Not surprisingly they choose Memphis, but an interestingly they chose the match-up to watch was Bouldin and Anderson, I guess there best defender...

01-25-2008, 10:23 AM
And I know i started this and and commenting on my own post, but check out the comments, there is one in there by a uconn fan and they just have the be the most deluded fans ever...he is claiming that the uconn team right now could beat Memphis, Gonzaga AND Gtech...it is just hilarious!

"Uconn/Indiana is the best game poppin saturday, as people watch uconn come into their own, every loss except providence, uconn should have won, if they play Memphis, Gonzaga, GTown again, they`ll beat them, yeah their young, but it wasn`t their youth that caused them to lose so many last year, it was finding out their father was the coach, now they know this guy loves basketball, and sees they can win games, while all you other programs coaches want a better resume for the next job. Thats why Uconn players are great pros that teams got to have on the roster, even the wnba, I said it before I`ll say it again, between now and the next two seasons, Uconn women/men will win again in the same season, to be the only program to do it, and do it before another (High and mighty traditional program, heel,devil,bruin etc.) ever does it, its not your great granddaddies college basketball or football for that matter anymore. "

01-25-2008, 10:36 AM
There was a thread on a newspaper site in Conn. after the UConn game where a guy stated that later in the year the huskies would beat the Zags. I mentioned that the Zags had just bested them missing 2 starter's. Surprisingly, no reply.