View Full Version : Bobcats vs. Blazers TICKETS!

02-26-2007, 01:20 PM
I have two extra tickets to the game this Thursday 3/1. The tickets are right behind the bobcats bench (section 103) at a cost of $120 each.

Does anyone want to buy them? Send me a message to my inbox.

Oh...forwarning. You will be sitting with the Morrison clan. And quite a few family friends and relatives, as well, so if you don't plan on getting rowdy don't even bother inquiring! :D

02-26-2007, 01:25 PM
Sara, are you trying to tempt me to skip even MORE class and come to Portland several days earlier? It just might work, 2 of the best rookies in the league going head to head while sitting with the family could be a lot of fun!

john montana
02-26-2007, 01:26 PM
i wish i could make that game!

02-26-2007, 01:35 PM

Wait a second....


Does anyone want to babysit a 3 week old.. . :(

02-26-2007, 01:54 PM
I'm in Portland the following evening for my sister's gymnastics competition. It's too bad I wouldn't be arriving earlier, or you woulda had a PM from me about a millisecond after posting this, Sara. :rolleyes:

And, I wish I had realized (I guess I always knew, I just didn't act on it...) that the WCC tournament was in PDXland this year, as well. If I'd put 2 and 2 together (my sister's meet, and the tournament) I woulda sprung for some WCC tickets. Bah.