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01-01-2008, 10:56 AM
I'm increasingly puzzled by who the Zags are starting at the beginning of the games this year. Last night it was Sacre and LG who were in for a few minutes and then sent to the bench and did not return for the rest of the half. I thought for sure that Josh would be starting by now

Your starting lineup is supposed to be your best players who can get you off to the best start. This is not happening this season. After a couple of minutes with the "starters", Few begins substituting and tinkering and the team can't get any rhythm until nearly halftime.

Consider that in the last 5 games I could find stats for the Zags scored the following totals in the first 5 minutes and were behind early losing 3 of these games.

Utah 3
Tenn 5
N Colorado 4
OK 4

Although I don't have the stats for the other games, this fits a pattern we've seen all season.

These slow starts are a problem because we are often playing from behind which is harder and it gives the other team confidence.

If somebody isn't good enough to play more than 2 minutes in the first half they shouldn't be starting.

Get Josh in the starting lineup as fiugre out who our starting 3 position is and leave them in there so we can get rolling sooner.

01-01-2008, 11:11 AM
Good post. I've noticed this too as I'm sure many others have.

I expect to see Josh in the starting line-up vs. Georgia.

01-01-2008, 12:15 PM
The line ups have been puzzling at times. To me, LG starting is the perfect example. Maybe there are messages from practice that are making there way to the game, I don't know. It has been equally amazing that such a talented group of individuals would have some much trouble offensively and end up relying on one or two players to pull it out.

In a post today BZ pointed out the trend shown in minutes played. I think the consistant line up and rotation we are looking for will be in place from now on.

It is fun to play lesser competition and get a blow out win, but it doesn't reveal much about the team. The stiffer competition has made it clear where the strengths and weaknesses have hidden. The injury situation has been unfortunate as it has slowed the development before the tough games.

I'm confident that the team will continue to look better and better from now on. I expect the team to lose one game in conference and Memphis too, but otherwise look like the team we all hoped for before the season started.

01-06-2008, 08:25 PM
Updating these stats. GU scored 11 points in the first 5 minutes vs GA. Much faster start and better rhythm on offense with Josh in the lineup. We'll see if Gray stays in.

So far thsi year we have seen a revolving door starting at the 3 position-Downs. LG, Gray, Daye. Need to get this settled but looks like progress to me.