View Full Version : Tough loss for the Zags

12-19-2007, 06:54 PM
Led by 8 at the half but Purdue's size really took its toll on the ladies in the second half. Zags had four solid chances to go up by 1 in the final 48 secs, but just could not execute the game-winner. Courtney hit a trey but it was a fraction too late and the game ended 64-61. Jami and Rachel failed to make the front-end of one-and-ones, Jami was swatted once, and I forgot the fourth opportunity.

A very tough, frustrating loss...but not for lack of effort. It was a hard fought contest.

12-20-2007, 07:08 AM
The tickets said 7 p.m., but my Father in law called me, so I missed the first half. Tough tough loss, but they played their hearts out. Need to make the front ends on the one and one. People were diving all over the floor, one GU player cut her chin open diving for a ball and was bleeding all over the place-last second shots. Great game. Too bad they came up short.

12-20-2007, 08:56 AM
Janelle Bekkering was the one whose chin was cut pretty bad.

I thought we went to well once too often with Jami driving the left side of the lane at the end. Purdue's trees were waiting to swat her the second time, but she did draw a foul, and didn't hit it.

One thing about Vivian... She's a bit too casual at times. During crunch time she just loped easily to the basket...and got swatted. Really needs to drive with authority and all the power and strength she can muster. GU needed that basket in a bad way. Finesse finger rolls won't cut it.

An excellent game to be at. My voice is still hoarse.

young julez
12-20-2007, 10:45 AM
I watched the game on all access and had a HS game to get to, but waited till the last possible minute to leave. When I left there were about 9 minutes on the clock and Vivian had just went back in so I missed the majority of her time in the game. That has always been a downside for her, not going 100% the entire time she is in the game. I wish we could have got that one...:(

12-20-2007, 06:43 PM
My thanks to BobZag! I just returned from Tennessee yesterday about 2 PM and saw BobZag's notice about the new game time. I just made it to the game on time. Thanks!

Just because I am an Old Goat, I don't enjoy sounding like one, however, winning and loosing can be rather habit forming. We saw the winning habit to start the preseason. Now we see the ugly habit of loosing. Last night, after the game, I noticed that the girls came back out all happy as if the game was in the win column.:confused: Coach Graves was anything but....! He seemed dejected and didn't come out to greet the crowd. I've noticed that he only does that when he is really upset.:explode:

***Yes, loosing can be fun!***??? Our Lady Zags are better than that attitude. I don't recall a game where we tried any harder to loose. I hope we win out on the rest of the preseason.....we need to. Pepperdine must be licking their chops!:drool: