View Full Version : Don't talk to me about ethics in Sports.

12-16-2007, 04:39 PM
The latest carpetbagger to follow the dollar is West Virginia football coach Rich Rodriguez. The guy is a West Virginia native, an Alum and former Mountaineer player and stated when he accepted the WVU job, that it was his dream job. Well he awoke in a hurry when Michigan, after failing to land Les Miles of LSU (Michigan Alum) and a couple of others, offered Rodriguez a bundle to jump ship and it was too good to resist . So He joins the "long green line" like Petrino who abandoned Louisville,went to the NFL Falcons and just ditched them for another College job at Arkansas. I don't want to hear take care of your family, better opportunity, and all the other standard platitudes. You and I all know none of these guys is in danger of entering the welfare roles or not being able to afford tuition for their kids, those kind of crisis's only happen to us peons who make up the faceless multitude. Face it, Coach Few is the exception so far, but will someone make him an "offer he can't refuse" as Minnisota did for Monson? Why get upset when players back out of LOI's, or transfer School districts to play where they get more exposure, then attempt to transfer back again when that does'nt work out. Whatever happened to Loyalty and keeping ones word? Will it survive in the diminishing numbers who still believe in it?, or will it go the way of those whose three favorite words are I, ME, & MINE and use scholastic sports only a a ladder to further self gratification? This fan is sick of it.

12-16-2007, 05:22 PM
HBZ, look at the bright side, it's good for the economy. Real Estate agents and brokers, moving co's, agents, coaches, media reporters. The list is endless. I suspect you are a bit touchy because of your roots. If he was a lawyer, accountant, CEO, etc, you wouldn't even squeal. I'm not saying these guys are models of forthrightness, but they still make politicians look good in comparison.


12-18-2007, 11:43 AM
Its not bad enough that Rich Rodriguez left WVU in the lurch, now he's going to try and stiff them out of the dough for the contract payoff. Per SN, when ask about the 4Mil buyout he owed the Mountaineers, he said his Lawyers were handling it. Rumor has it one way he will try and get out of of it is that he dated his resignation after the Bowl game, so If they don't let him lame duck coach, he can accuse them of breach of contract. What a weenie.

12-18-2007, 12:33 PM
what's the purpose of bothering to sign these guys to "5 yr" or "10 yr" deals when they jump ship without regard to the time left on their contract? Okay so maybe he ends up paying 50 cents on the dollar on the buyout clause & has to pay $2 mil. The millions Michigan has offer him will make up that amount in 1-2 years & he gets what he wants while dumping on W VA. I agree with you Hillbilly there is no such thing as loyalty, keeping your word, etc. and I think the leader of the pack (of rats that is) was Dennis Erickson!