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12-13-2007, 06:57 AM
This article is showing up all over the place:


Sister, Sister At Tennessee, Gonzaga
Bjorklunds to go at each other when Lady Vols play Gonzaga
Dec. 12, 2007

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - Pat Summitt might have to double up as a family therapist.

The coach of No. 1 Tennessee is worried freshman starter Angie Bjorklund is not in the right frame of mind for Sunday's game. That's because Bjorklund's big sister, Jami, is a starter for Gonzaga.

"Angie is excited to see her sister," Summitt said. "Angie hasn't even thought of what happens if she has to guard her. We have to get her attention on that before the game."

The Bjorklund sisters starred at the same high school in the Spokane area. Jami, recruited by numerous West Coast schools, stayed close to home. The 5-foot-11 junior guard is averaging 8 points and 6 rebounds for Gonzaga (6-3).

Angie, one of the nation's top high school players last season, committed to Tennessee (7-0) as a junior. The 6-0 guard is in the rare spot of starting as a freshman for the national champions and is averaging 10 points and 4 rebounds.

Sunday's game poses a wardrobe problem for parents Jim and Kris Bjorklund, which they solved with some ingenuity.

"They made Tenn-zaga T-shirts," Jami said Wednesday. "They cut two T-shirts down the middle and sewed them together."

The parents were flying to Tennessee on Wednesday and not immediately available to model their shirts.

Jami said this is the first time the sisters have squared off in an official game. Since they play the same position, she expects they will end up guarding each other.

But she's more interested in spending quality time off the court with her sister, whom she hasn't seen since August. Jami figures the best time to visit will be between practices Saturday.

"I'm excited to go down there and see her and see Tennessee and where she lives," Jami said. "We like to eat together."

The sisters spoke Tuesday night, trying to set up the best time for a reunion. There was no smack talk.

"We were really talking about how Angie has played," Jami said

12-15-2007, 01:17 PM
Big big game. Just a shame that Heather is injured. The Ladies could have really used her for this game.

12-15-2007, 05:44 PM
It was a longshot as it was, but with Heather breaking her hand, the Zags will be bringing a knife to a gunfight. I feel for Heather and Coach Graves.