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12-07-2007, 01:09 AM
From my observation post 2000 miles from Spokane, I sit here wondering:

Before WSU's recent, remarkable ascendance into the Top 10, did you wear your Cougar gear and root for the Cougars when the games were played in the Kennel?

Or were you rooting for the Bulldogs because you like cheering for the winning team?

Not trying to stir anything up, then again maybe I am. From what I've observed from the other threads, it's apparent to me that a great number of season ticket holders own those tickets merely for the bragging rights.

My epiphany regarding the magical and mystical qualities of Zag basketball occurred several seasons ago in Tulsa, OK. I met families from surrounding states such as Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana who made the trip to see the Zags. Frankly, most of them had no clue where the school was located, but they loved the team enough to travel several hundred miles. When I mentioned that I went there, I was peppered with numerous questions about the school. Lord knows that I love to pass on my recollections about Gonzaga! :lmao:

In the days and weeks that passed that Bracket Buster game in Tulsa, I had my own questions to deal with, specifically: what was it that compelled these fine folks to make the trip, to invest of their time and money? Having spent four glorious years at Gonzaga, my love for GU was nurtured by living there.

The best answer I could come up with was the David vs. Goliath factor. Down here in Texas, where everything is big, they shake their heads at the ability of this tiny school to compete annually. They also appreciate the fact that the Zags will play anyone, anywhere.

Before I go too far off the deep end, I have one last comment pointed at those who, after being Gonzaga ticket holders for multiple seasons, yet wore their Cougar gear at the MAC/Kennel for the first time in many years:


I don't condone misconduct by any fan. Still, for those of you who have kept your Cougar gear in the closets until this year, you should beg the forgiveness of real Bulldog fans, as you have broken the tie that binds.

12-07-2007, 05:20 AM
Not a Zag season ticket holder personally - but have had corporate access to tickets for the past few years.

And, yes, in 2005 I did sit in the Kennel wearing my Coug gear. I'm an alum there - and that's where my loyalties lie when the two teams square off.

However, as a Spokane native (who used to go to Kennedy and watch guys like Don Baldwin go up against the Buzz Conners of the evil BSC Donkeys...and could actually recognize Adrian Bouncristiani by sight rather than name), I have no issue appreciating good basketball being played and pulling for the hometown team the remainder of the year.

Just like I did when cheering for the neighborhood kid playing for the Huskies when they squared off against the Lady Zags a few weeks back (try pulling for two teams - one being the most hated rival- in the same game if you really want to test your loyalties. :-)

I can also emphatically state that I followed Gonzaga 'back in the day' before it EVER became fashionable...so take that bandwagon label off the table, please.

I find that whole 'argument' humorous. It's like asking whether I like beer or scotch better. Both do the trick but you can't have both at the same time.

12-07-2007, 05:36 AM
theres always going to be fair-weather fans, wherever you go. people that are not necessarily fanatics to one specific team or club would prefer to rout for the team that is winning at the time, no one wants to be disappointed every other day/week, as much as I hate that mentality, it still exists and I guess I can understand it.