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12-06-2007, 06:20 AM
What I learned last night...

I was right, the Cougars are for real, and mostly impressive. Kyle Weaver may be he best defender and big play maker in the Pac 10; Derek Lowe showed his leadership and is a great Senior leader; Taylor Rochestie, who struggled, showed his great skill when he hit that three to put the final blow to the Zags; Robbie Cowgill showed his touch when he was the only guy left downlow and put up everything he touched. The only player I was not impressed with was Baynes. Sure he is big, but he needs to act big. He can't be surprised that somebody puts their hand on his back when he posts up, or attempts to block his shot, which he usually doesn't have the touch for. Baynes several times just threw his arms and waved his arms right in front of the ref, arguing and complaining about every call. He deserved a technical when he stopped play and sat at the free throwline in disbelief that somebody blew a whistle when he knocked over Pendergraft. Bayne threw a tantrum whenever he got sit down because of foul trouble. I know he is a big body and does a good job with positioning, but at some point I guarantee you that that Aussie will lose his head and get outright flagrant with somebody who gets him with his fourth or fifth in another hostile environment.

That is enough being negative on the Cougars. I wanna talk about Gonzaga. How about we end with the positives? Ok, Gonzaga, you have to adjust better. I know, the Cougars were bodying you when you shot, but is there anyway you can dish it a couple more times to see if you could find an open man. The Zags shot 26% and Bouldin was 0-9 and Daye was 0-11. You can't triumph that, but somehow Gonzaga found a way to stay in it. Kuso, as far as I am concerned, has shown bigtime liability on offense. He is shooting lay-ins the whole year and yet he is shooting 53%. Kuso hasn't even scored in the last game and has shot 6 lay-ins/put backs. Now to the positives, Pendergraft showed why he is big on this team, he brought this team back with Pargo. If it wasn't for their leadership stepping up, you might as well left the Mac with 14:00 left in the Second Half. Will Foster showed HUGE upside. at 7'4 and finally putting some weight on them bones, I can see why it would be okay not to redshirt him, but I gotta ask, is it possible for him to gain some playing time for this? I mean, if they're going to allow Kuso to get the ball offensively, I think it would be better to have Foster in, he is big and is gaining back a touch which he lost from sitting on the bench for one and a quarter year. Foster, I think, is an upgrade defensively is an improvement. He got Baynes out of his game and irritated and somewhat shut him down, certainly better than anybody else did. Which brings me to my last point. Gonzaga fans, be happy that you almost won this game at the end. What does it say that this team is competitive with top 8 teams, who deserve a one or two seed, and we do not even have the leading scorer for most of last year back yet? Heytvelt could be huge, I just hope we aren't glorifying him so much that it becomes Paul Bunyan Tall Expectations.

12-06-2007, 07:10 AM
There have been a bunch of posts in the various threads referring to the Zags poor shot selection during the game. I have been accused of having a fuzzy memory before, but let me try again. I remember maybe 4 or 5 trips down the court where the Zags jacked up a quick shot usually from 3 range, and IIRC they were all open looks that were just missed. The poor shot selection label I think is somewhat justified, but it was caused by good defense causing the Zags to take a shot to beat the clock. Someone that recorded the game and is willing to subject themselves to the torture of rewatching it could probably elaborate. It's a simplistic view, but IMO we missed a few decent open looks but were more often forced to put up ill advised shots due to the clock and that smothering defense. The Cougs are experienced and disciplined in their execution. When the Cougs have a 5 pt lead, they feel like it's a rout.


12-06-2007, 07:16 AM
i hate losing

12-06-2007, 07:23 AM
Zags jacked up a quick shot usually from 3 range, and IIRC they were all open looks that were just missed. The poor shot selection label I think is somewhat justified, but it was caused by good defense causing the Zags to take a shot to beat the clock.

I think you are right from the most part, I think that one of the biggest problems to date, however is:

Our inability to get the ball into the post and the inability of our players to execute when it does get inside.

By no means is the sky falling, but we have alot of raw interior players that just aren't ready to get it done down there.

12-06-2007, 07:35 AM
I agree Birdog, but if we had just made a couple of the few good looks we got the game would have been different.

WasZag - totally agree. It was our inside weakness that lost us the game.

12-06-2007, 07:44 AM
There were a number of positives in this game,defense as number one,but my main concerns revolve around Bouldin and Sacre.Matt was really a liability in this game.While he has had good games this year and I'm sure he'll have more,I think his relative lack of quickness and poor shooting are going to be re-occurring problems.There is lots to love about Rob but his lack of rebounding is a real concern.There were a number of times that he was in position,the ball was coming to his area but he just didn't get the ball.

12-06-2007, 07:49 AM
This game pretty much reminded me of the last two games. Accept in one area. In those games we closed the deal. Gonzaga was gaining momentum and had the game down to one point with 5 min left to play. Pargo, imo, had total control of the game from the point. He was driving and dishing to the open guys (Pendo and Downs). In the last five minutes last night, Daye was given the reins by Few, and asked a Freshman, who was not having one of his better nights (and it was his first huge game at home), and asked him to lead the Zags home. Daye took every single shot in the last five minutes, and made none. No shots made in the last 5 min. Few may want to rethink who his go-to guy is.

Before that juncture of the game the Zags hit 3 straight 3's and it looks like we're taking over the game just as in the two previous games. Pendo hits two threes and Downs one. Pendo and Downs had great games (as did Pargo)and yet in the last 5 these veteran Zags get 0 shots. Before this juncture of the game the zags were running their flex offense perfectly, and it was destroying the Coogs. We were finally hitting some open shots. We had it rolling. In the last 5 minutes we stop running our offense, pass the ball to the wing and let Daye go one on one. 0 shots made, and yes...maybe 3 foul shots. On the defensive end Daye was guarding Weaver on his put back and reverse layup, and somehow was on their point guard when he closed the deal with the 3. I was disappointed in Few's decisions in the last 5 minutes. They say that losing can be good if we learn from out mistakes. Hopefully, this applies to the coaches as well. IMO it was Few's decision to go one on one with Daye, as every play called was for him. Can't blame the kid. It just wasn't his night. That seemed obvious to me. It was Pendo's, Pargo's and Downs'. Why not go to your veterans at the end of the game? Especially when they are hot.

12-06-2007, 08:00 AM
To expand a little on Reborn's comments, I thought the Downs and Pendo pick and pop play was used very effectively, but I think it could have been exploited even more.

WSU started to adjust defensively to the POP out for the 3 by rushing a defender out to contest that 3. Why not reverse Pendo and Downs, so that Downs pops out for the 3 and when the defender rushes out, he drives to the basket? Downs, besides Pargo, was the most effective offensive player we had on dribble drives and finishes. I think this simple adjustment to an effective play that was giving WSU fits could have made the difference.

12-06-2007, 08:04 AM
i hate losing

I'll drink to that!

12-06-2007, 11:49 AM
You guys are right on. Also, as far as I recall, Gonzaga didn't get a fast break. And anytime there a total of 25 fouls called, you know the refs let them play physical.