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12-02-2007, 12:02 PM

My favorite part:

The Redskins are not limiting their tributes to a pregame ceremony. Their defense opened its first series with only 10 players on the field. Safety LaRon Landry delivered a crunching hit on Bills running back Fred Jackson, and Buffalo would punt shortly thereafter.

Now that is somethin'

12-02-2007, 06:15 PM
To one of my favorite NFL players...We're gonna miss you buddy.

12-02-2007, 10:57 PM
too many people try and disregard what happened by bringing up the past and the character of someone they have never even met personally and i for one am saddened by this. im a seahawk all the way, but taylor was a guy i really enjoed watching and to hear how he had changed just to see it end this way is disgusting.