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11-30-2007, 11:26 AM
Hello All,

I don't usually post but I went to the USC - Oklahoma game last night and thought I'd give my impressions of our future opponent. I know everyone is focused on UCONN now but figured i'd put these thoughts down before i forget.

First off Oklahoma is very physical and pretty big. They're are no easy layups, its almost like playing the football team. Hackett (USC's point guard) must have been knocked over 10 times during the game. They also contest almost every shot, the box score only shows 2 blocks but it seemed like they block more than that. They also play very good Defense. I think memphis and USC are the only to break 60, no one has broken 70

They also like to take lots of 3's, anywhere, anytime, guarded or not. In fact when it got close in the 2nd half OU made 4 or 5 threes in about 5 minutes. They went cold, Mayo took over (17 pts in the second) and that was that. Other than the threes the offense was pretty non existant. Even the center was taking 3's and long twos.

They have a freshman who looked pretty solid, Blake Griffith, but Davon Jefferson totally shut him down. Speaking of Davon he was pretty impressive, a couple times he actually brought the ball up court, he's the full package, mid range, inside, rebounding, the works. USC could be very tough in march with Mayo, Jefferson, Hackett, and Gibson all capable of 20 plus. We will know more sunday when they play Kansas. That should be fun. Hope GU will not play them.. i hate it when my teams play each other in march.

On a side note, OU has a center named Longar Longar which was no end of amusement to the student section

11-30-2007, 11:54 AM
Griffin, not Griffith ... and his older brother is on the team as well (Taylor Griffin). Blake still has some learning to do, needs some refinement.

I listened to the game and wasn't surprised that OU cut their deficit to as little as three points and then faltered. OU still needs to work on that.

I still maintain though that in general OU's program is in better hands with Jeff Capel than it was with Kelvin Sampson (at least in the last couple of years before he left for Indiana).

More later.

11-30-2007, 12:55 PM
Tough defense, but they have real trouble getting the ball in the hoop.