View Full Version : Nice Win by the Zags! - 70-65

11-29-2007, 06:26 PM
Big win in a super-tough atmosphere. Zags can get a lot better but they fought hard, reversed the rebounding stats and were clutch down the stretch. Showed some guts.

Congrats to Coach Martelli and his Hawks from Philly for yet another classic GU-SJU barnburner.

Kudos to Few and his team.

11-29-2007, 06:30 PM
Great win that showed heart when it mattered.

I truly hope this series is continued. This is a great (and friendly) rivalry.

11-29-2007, 06:30 PM
The best part was staying tough in a close game in a difficult arena.

I liked this better than if that early lead had stuck.

A lot of great experience for a young team.

11-29-2007, 06:30 PM
Great baptism in fire for Daye, Sacre and even LG to an extent. They learned a lot about digging in in a tough environment.

11-29-2007, 06:31 PM
Great phrase by Coach Lloyd - "Zag up"

11-29-2007, 06:32 PM
Now, here is to St Joe's taking the A-10!

11-29-2007, 06:34 PM
Resilience in a tough spot; very proud!

11-29-2007, 06:40 PM
Our offense definitely works better when we spread it out and open up underneath the basket and attack the rim. Thats how we jumped out in front in the beginning, which was practically a perfect 5 minutes of basketball. When we pass into the post we just turn it over way too much.

11-29-2007, 06:42 PM
Great phrase by Coach Lloyd - "Zag up"

This deserves to be used some more.

Section 116
11-29-2007, 06:52 PM
Here's the early wrap from Philly.com:

11-29-2007, 06:56 PM
Great exciting game!!!

Hard fought by both sides.

Kudos to St Josephs and the Zags!!!

11-29-2007, 07:00 PM
We were at a sports bar with no audio (playing for another TV). Interesting perspective. I agree with BobZ about reversing the rebound deficit and gritty final play but a couple things stand out to me. Jeremy did not have a penetration basket until 3:45 left in regulation. We weren't hitting the outside shot and we weren't rebounding and so it you cannot penetrate . . . But I also think the REAL GAME CHANGER came with about 6 minutes left and Micah came back in. He grabbed a few key rebounds and played excellent D. I think that was when the tide turned.

11-29-2007, 07:16 PM
I think this was a big, big win. I watched the game from start to finish and I saw something out there that can't be matched. They played in a tough, tough environment; physically had absolutely no, NOOO, offense in the second half (well, mid-way through the first half until the end of regulation) and still came out with a win.

Folks, there are wins, then "ugly test your team wins" and this may be your latter category.

Let's focus on UCONN!!!!!

11-29-2007, 07:31 PM
I too was at a sport bar so loud that there was no audio to be heard.
This was DEFINITELY an "ugly test your team win". GU had no offense in the second 1/2, yet somehow dug deep in a horrible environment where the refs seemed to "home-town" the team & came up with the win in OT.

I think that says something about the guts & determination of the boys. Good win, in a tough situation.

All of that being said, however, if they do not get that free throw % up, they are going to lose big games down the stretch. Sure hope they spend some time working on that!

Great win, now lets focus on UConn.........

11-29-2007, 07:35 PM
Free throws were actually fairly good, but a couple Pargo missed were at horrible times when he could have sealed it in regulation.