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11-28-2007, 10:24 PM
Uber suggested Woohoo's wonderful greetings would be a cool thread. . .of course, Uber is too busy and or lazy to follow up on his idea (he's like Former1Dog in that regard. . .and Kitz has already made a superb suggestion as to how the "good idea fairies" ought to be dealt with. . . )

So, in the interest of fun, what follows is a recap ( not 100% guaranteed ) of WooHoo's greetings to date. . .if I miss any, well. . .that's Foo for you. . .

Zaginhidding / Zaginhiding

WELCOME zaginhiding! Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooPoemBoyHoo

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on the board when it comes to writing poems and other forms of incoherant literature. As a matter of fact, I have been posting in a zags forum for about 4 years now, and I am the agreed upon best poem guy the board has ever seen. I actually helped write most of the songs performed by the group Milli Vanilli. I once constructed a word tower out of paper mache, all the words in the tower rhymed. Children from all nations came to my hometown in Missouri to climb the word tower. It was even given a special blessing by MC Hammer. After I decided to close the tower exhibit, I crumpled the tower to pieces, and took all of the words and wrote a song out of it. The Word Tower was one of the most famous paper mache towers ever constructed, it was what legends are made of. Matter of fact, the song that I wrote from the crumpled tower is one of the most famous songs.....EVER. Especially on this board. I sold the song to a red headed guy named Rick. Anyways, I have even written special poems for posters on this board. For instance, one of my best poems was written for a poster named Lothar. I was proud of that one, I was able to rhyme the word "body-cavity" with "banana". *Sigh*....what a great poem... Then there was the poem I wrote for Bobzag...although...it wasn't very popular because the rhymes weren't very creative...the best rhyme I could come up with for his poem was the word "Doom" rhyming with "Gloom"...but anyways, Welcome aboard zaginhiding. Nice to have you.

11-28-2007, 10:26 PM
TOPDOGZAG, welcome to the board!!!

I am woohoo, aka WooseamstressHoo.

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on the board when it comes to fashion and clothing. I once designed a pair of blue jeans that had a hole in the crotch. You may have seen them featured on SNL, I called them "Balls Out Jeans". They are pretty comfortable, unless you sit on something made from wood. I got a pretty nasty splinter doing that once...but anyways. I design clothes all the time, but have not always been as successful at it as I am now. For instance, last December I tried to release a line of clothing where I made underwear out of aluminum foil. It looked REALLY cool, but it was a mess for a poster on this board named "former1dog". Don't tell anyone, but he has a problem with wetting his pants. If you have ever dealt with aluminum foil, you may notice that it isn't very absorbent. This caused a problem for former1 when he went pee-pee. Also, I made a pair of zags replica basketball shorts out of styrophome and lighter fluid once. I sold them to a poster on this board named 229SintoZag. He sent me his hospital bill because he was wearing the shorts and farted, the friction between his legs caused a spark which ignited the lighter fluid, setting the shorts ablaze. Luckily, the styrophome quickly melted, and the flame disappeared, but the melted material gave him a pretty nasty injury to his hoo-hoo dilly area. (Sinto, I'm still sorry about that one). Anyways, I don't have time to tell you the story about Rubaddub and the bra he requested for his blowup doll (the doll is only meant to scare off intruders).

Anyways, welcome aboard.

11-28-2007, 10:28 PM
Welcome Flyzag! Allow myself to introduce...myself...

I am woohoo, aka WoointroductoryspecialistextrordinaireHoo.

That is TOTALLY awesome that you brought up the He-Man fan club! Oddly enough, I still have the picture you poster of yourself when you were the "He-Man Fan of the Month".

But like I said, that is totally awesome!

I'm glad you've made your way back to the board though, allow me to update you on a couple things. I am pretty much the coolest guy on the board when it comes to Dolls and toys now since you had left. I used to play with He-Man, until one day I was having He-Man lead a destructive force of GI Joe's acrossed the Sahara Desert (my mom's antique dining room table) and He-Man was assassinated by my older sister's "Jordan from New Kids on The Block" doll. I took that one pretty hard. (Don't worry though, the good guys won in the end. The GI Joe's found Jordan's secret hiding place and captured/tortured him for 2 days. Then my 1 foot tall replica doll of John Denver came in and popped Jordan's head off). That Mr. Denver doll was praised for 2 weeks straight until everyone found out he got Teacher Barbie pregnant, which was a pretty awkard situation since she was suppost to be dating my Mr. T doll. Anyways, you might not want to bring up dolls and toys with some other members from this board. For instance, I hear Rubaddub still brings ALL FIVE members of his New Kids on The Block collector series dolls into the bath tub with him. Then there is former1, who watches every single zags game sitting next to a 2 foot tall "Sloth" (from Goonies) doll while he wears his "Chunk" (also from Goonies) T-shirt. But...the craziest one is probably LIZF, from what I hear, he has a life sized blow-up doll in his house. He says he uses it to scare off burglars, but I still don't understand why she always has this "surprised gasp" look on her face...

Anyways, welcome to the board!

11-28-2007, 10:29 PM
Welcome to the board dnj116!!! Allow myself to introduce...myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooPrinceofPersiaHoo.

I am pretty much the most powerful poster on this board, politically speaking that is. No lie, I am actually the 3rd youngest mayor in the United States. I am mayor of St. Clair, MO, and I'm 24 years old. So thats pretty cool. So if you ever have any questions about policits, I'm your man. I'm going for my second term here in January, so wish me luck. I have done alot of good in my town while being mayor. I made a new law that you cannot cross a street with a goat unless you have it on a leash. There are a couple posters you should avoid when it comes to politics though. For instance, Zagnative once got arrested for urinating in a voting booth, true story. Then there was last election time with MDABE, he was trying to poke a hole in his little voting tab card, and he stabbed through the card and into his index finger! They posted pictures of it on the forum here, it was hilarious. Last but not least, there is former1dog, he doesn't know much about politics at all, and rarely discusses them...so be careful. Anyways, welcome aboard!!!

11-28-2007, 10:30 PM
Welcome Zagsballer!!!

Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooMasterofDisguiseHoo.

I'm pretty much the fitness guru of this board, so if you ever have questions about which excersizes to perform to enhance certain muscles and body parts, just let me know. I have released 4 fitness videos into the mainstream media. The first one was called "5 minute triceps", the second one was "Cankle Remover 2000", the third video was "Why is Former1dog's Right Forearm Muscle Twice as Big as His Left", and finally the fourth video "The Cheerleading Squad Called Me Horse-Man in High School" <------- (NSFW). But anyways, there are a few other posters on this board that have used my workout system. For example, did you know Rubbadub used to have 6 chins?? With only 16 months on my "5 Minute Triceps" Video, he still had 6 chins, but also added a tricep muscle, way to go Rub! Anyways, welcome Zagsballer

11-28-2007, 10:32 PM

Allow myself to introduce....myself. I am woohoo, aka WooCaptainHoo.

I'm pretty much the most well-known poster on this board. If you ask any sports analysts or rival coaches about the most popular posters on the Zags Forum, they will all list me. So if you ever need a letter of recommendation for anything, just ask me, because I am THAT popular. If you want to avoid the "losers" on this board, stay away from guys like El Voce, Rubbadub, Lothar, and ZagPhish, because they are all wierd. I also heard that Lothar has worked as a bird poop cleaner guy at a local used car dealer for like the last 18 years, so stay especially far from that guy....

Anyways, welcome aboard!!!

11-28-2007, 10:35 PM

Allow myself to introduce....myself. I am woohoo, aka WooSpecialKidHoo.

I'm pretty much the best guy on this board when it comes to athletic skills. I once played a YMCA league game and scored 16 points....IN THE FIRST HALF! Ya, thats right. I finished with 19 points, but it's all good. The rest of the guys on this board aren't really that athletic. Take former1dog for example. He once tried to run a 3k race because he thought first prize was $3,000. He ended up running a 16:05, but when he realized he had 2 miles to go, he just quit. Other than him, some of the other really unathletic guys on this board would be Rubbadub, LongIslandZagFan, Lothar, and Zagnative. Anyways, nice to have you aboard.

11-28-2007, 10:41 PM
WELCOME HOME! Allow myself to introduce...myself...

My name is Woohoo, also known as Doogie WooHauser.

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on this board. If you pay attention to the other posters, most of them are just plain odd...(except LIZF and Angelo, they're ok I guess...). But everyone else gives me that creepy "40 year old son still living in mom's basement" kind of vibe. Me on the other hand, I'm rich, I'm a ladies man, and I am starting my own clock company where I will make clocks with a universal time. That way, we don't have to worry about stupid time zones anymore.

11-28-2007, 10:42 PM
Welcome HOOTER! Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am Woohoo, also known as Woofreakinhoo.

I'm pretty much the guy on the board with the most skills. I've got poem skills, basketball skills, computer hacking skills...so if you ever need anything special done, you should come to me. I have good skills. Welcome.

11-28-2007, 10:45 PM
Welcome to the forum drnoe! I do not believe I've met your acquaintance as of yet. Allow myself to introduce....myself.

I am Woohoo, better known as "Time Management Co-ordinator".

I am pretty much the hardest working person on this board. Most of the posters don't have jobs and they just sit here waiting for new threads to pop up all day (many of which go to special area's know only as "The Foo" to watch their own threads pop up, and then reply to their own thread...over and over and over). You may want to watch out for those wierdos. otherwise, glad to have you aboard.

11-28-2007, 10:46 PM
Welcome aboard kind sir! Allow myself to introduce.....myself.

I am Woohoo, make of all that is odd on this board.

I can pretty much tell you anything about any of the posters on this board, so if you want to know backgrounds, opinions, social security #'s of any of the other posters, just let me know. Secondly, I am probably the coolest person on this board. So if you want to know how cool they get...you're lookin at em. That's alot of cool though, huh? Welcome

11-28-2007, 10:48 PM
Welcome aboard TRhyno!

Allow myself to introduce.....myself...

I am Woohoo. AKA, The Woohooster

I am better known as the forum distributor. If you have any problems or issues, just let me know. In my earlier posting days, everyone used to call me, "The Enforcer".

11-28-2007, 10:49 PM
Well hello there! Welcome! Allow myself to introduce....myself...

My name is Woohoo.

I am the board enthusiast, aka, board concierge. If you need anything, please let me know. (except if you need to know what time it is).

***Edited to add: I'm pretty much the smartest guy on here, except for maybe Angelo, BZ, CDC, LIZF, former1, El Voce, lothar, zag79, Uber, Renozag, 229Sinto, and zagslug. So other than them, im the smartest.

11-28-2007, 10:51 PM
Being as you are a first time poster, allow myself to introduce....myself.

My name is Woohoo, and I am basically the zags forum extrordinairre. So if you have any questions, needs, nostalgic phrasing help, look no further than to me.

Congratulations on meeting me.


11-28-2007, 11:11 PM
shouldn't this be in the HOF forum?

11-28-2007, 11:15 PM
shouldn't this be in the HOF forum?

Perhaps. . .

11-28-2007, 11:35 PM
It's curious to see them lined up like that, sort of like an artist's progression and development over time. This could be an exhibit for the NY Guggenheim.

"woohoo's later work exhibits a je ne sais quoi, an elusive yet balanced amalgam of satire and truly plebeian expression. It is airy, unsophisticated and unforced. This is the artful welcome of a message board poet and it is not concerned with conventional constraints of sensibility, truth or reason."

11-28-2007, 11:53 PM
It's curious to see them lined up like that,. . . "

Should have started with the oldest first, newest at the bottom. . .my bad. . .going forward, the newer ones will be at the bottom of this thread.

11-29-2007, 09:06 AM
Uber suggested Woohoo's wonderful greetings would be a cool thread. . .of course, Uber is too busy and or lazy to follow up on his idea (he's like Former1Dog in that regard. . .and Kitz has already made a superb suggestion as to how the "good idea fairies" ought to be dealt with. . .

So, in the interest of fun, what follows is a recap ( not 100&#37; guaranteed ) of WooHoo's greetings to date. . .if I miss any, well. . .that's Foo for you. . .

11-29-2007, 09:37 AM
HOF thread, IMO.


11-29-2007, 10:53 AM
It's curious to see them lined up like that, sort of like an artist's progression and development over time. This could be an exhibit for the NY Guggenheim.

"woohoo's later work exhibits a je ne sais quoi, an elusive yet balanced amalgam of satire and truly plebeian expression. It is airy, unsophisticated and unforced. This is the artful welcome of a message board poet and it is not concerned with conventional constraints of sensibility, truth or reason."

Is the world truly ready for a Postmodern Woo Hoo ?

I shudder to think of the ramifications, especially once his message begins spanning the International Date Line, and multiple time zones. . .

11-29-2007, 11:08 AM
See, some of us in the Foo do have great ideas. And it's actually pretty cool when somebody acts on them.

11-30-2007, 12:56 PM
Wecome Dazags!!!

Allow myself to introduce...myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooVideoConstructionistHoo.

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to putting together VHS tapes (the actual constructional portion). Basically, I make the actual tape itself, so unfortunatley, I can't help you in your dilemma with your son. Let me take a second to tell you about my earlier days in video tape construction. I was amazingly good at putting together cardboard boxes when I used to work down at Tom's Adult Store, and I was approached one day by a man that said, "Holy crap, thats a nice cardboard box you just constructed. What do you say you bring those skills to my company, to make VHS tapes? I'll pay you top dollar." How could I refuse that? So, I joined TFHCOVHSTCI. (The Franklin Hibbart Company Of Video Home System Tape Construction Incorporated). I actually set the Thompson County record for most tapes constructed in 7 minutes (2 tapes). My tapes have gone on to become excellent movies. Like the home movie our dear friend former1 made of himself and a poo castle (like a sand castle, only with poo). There is also an excellent VHS library of dozens of tapes of LIZF shooting baskets and talking about the old days (picture Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite). There have also been unsuccesful tapes too...like the one ZagNative made where she reads childrens books and tried to sell it to Elementary Schools. It sold 4 copies because apparently she kept messing up words and mumbling expletives. (By the way, 3 of those copies were purchased by her family). Anyways, gotta got back to work, just wanted to say WELCOME ABOARD!!!

Tell your son thanks for his service to this country, btw.

11-30-2007, 01:03 PM
Welcome Zagthunder!!!
Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooPhotoEnhancementSpecialistHoo.

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to taking photos and analyzing photography configurations. I actually used to take pictures for the Louisiana Tribune back in the mid 80's. One of my best pieces of work was when I captured a few photos of a turtle pooping. That may not seem that cool, but if you think back on how often you have actually witnessed a turtle pooping, its a rarity, and to capture it on film, MAGNIFICENT. I've also taken some photos of posters on this board, but I'll have to admit I'm not that proud of those pictures...take for instance the time I took pictures of Zagpants, the camera that I use is one of the most expensive, high quality cameras you can ever buy, so it will really show great clarity and details. I took a photo of him looking over his shoulder, so most of the picture was from behind him. When I developed the picture, it was so clear that you could see this really dark skid-mark showing through his pants. We did not keep that photo... And then there is the time I had a photoshoot with Lothar, he was showing some of his current personal photo albums to give me examples of pictures he wanted. Turns out he grabbed the wrong photo album and we stumbled upon his collection of animal porn. I'll never look at a llama the same...Anyways, I can't tell you about my photo shoot with Rubaddub because of privacy laws....


12-03-2007, 04:36 PM

Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooBallsHoo.

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on the board when it comes to pinball machines. I know this might seem a little "random", but its true. And for the record, I'm really not that "random". Once you are on the boards a little longer, you'll see that I am one of the more respected, smart, and informational posters here. Anyways, back to my pinball machines. I actually built a pinball machine back in 2nd grade, using nothing but scrap parts from my Atari set, and sac of potatos, and my sisters hair rollers. It was only about 2 and a half feet tall, but it was still fun. I called it "Sac of Balls". It was a great game! I played it for hours at a time! It would never sell on the mainstream market though, because "Sac of Balls" gets squished easily if you sit on it (cuz its so short, you dont see it). Plus, anytime someone would kick my "Sac of Balls", it would really hurt (their foot). The only reason I stopped playing with the "Sac of Balls" is it had a slight defect. If you would play with the "Sac of Balls" for a long time, but not WIN, the lighting effects would turn blue (this was a defect with the Atari section). Anyways, I really don't do much Pinball machine construction anymore. Every now and then I will make machines by request. Matter of fact, Former1dog once had me make a custom pinball machine that he wanted named "Skidmark Express". Then I made a custom machine for machine for LynetteG, it was called "I Have No Control Over Where My Nephew Goes To College, So Leave Me Alone" But my absolute FAVORITE pinball machine was the one I made for Rubaddub called "Why Do My Clothers Smell Like My Mom's Moldy Basement? Just Because I Live There, That Doesn't Mean Anything". That was actually a GREAT pinball machine. I wonder if he still plays it?


12-11-2007, 01:35 PM
I know this greeting is reaching you just a tad late in your board inductionalization, but you have had a greeting given to you by Reno (Christmas gift). He won the ebay auction. So congrats! And Welcome!

But first, allow myself to introduce...myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooWebAnalystHoo.

I am pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to computers and the internet. Matter of fact, I actually invented a water proof computer screen and keyboard for a member on this board named Reno. I'm still not sure why someone would need a water/liquid proof screen and keyboard...but hey, I don't ask questions, I just invent. I am actually really good at tracking down information on the internet too though. Back when I was in high school, I was suppost to write a 25 page thesis on Time Zones and other forms of conspiracy. So I hopped online to search around, and after about 4 hours of searching, I found some REALLY cool stuff...then I remembered I was suppost to be looking for time zone related things....oh well, I don't think failing that paper has affected me long term. But anyways, back to how cool I am with computers and everything. I haven't ALWAYS been a computer genious invention specialist extrordinaire. I have had many inventions fail over the years. Take for instance the time I tried to create a combination of a laptop and a frisbee...no deal on that one. Then the cross between a blow dryer and a desktop computer...I thought it was a good idea, but apparently ladies are pretty lazy and thought a 30 pound computer monitor was to heavy to hold above their head for 15 minutes...grow up ladies, you can't have EVERYTHING handed to you on a silver platter ya know. Speaking of wierd females, one female poster you might meet on this board is Zagnative. She said she lacks male recognisence, and requested I install a dominant male voice in her computer that gives positive feedback everytime she posts. I thought it was a little wierd, but hey, whatever floats your boat right? As wierd as Zagnative might sound, there are plenty of posters on this board that are even wierder. Take for example LongIslandZagFan. Last March he wanted a webcam installed UNDER his computer desk...??? I don't quite get that, I guess he is really short or something? Then there was the request by Rubaddub, he wanted a laptop that has a flashlight installed in the cd rom drive. I didn't get why until I actually delivered the unit, it is REALLY dark in his parent's basement... Oh, and last but not least, beware of that guy Reno I told you about earlier...yesterday I was searching on google for this thing we have on this forum called "The GUnit". (Its a player of the game type of deal). Anyways...I searched "GUnit" on google and found this personal website Reno started. It's at "www.GUnitInaG-string.com". I'll never look at Reno the same again...not only did he have some pictures of himself in a g-string that would make Jeffrey Dahmer cringe, but those poor animals...atleast the llama can still walk though...thats more than I can say for the sloth...

Anyways, I got WAY off topic. I just wanted to say WELCOME ABOARD Random!!!
"Allow myself to introduce...myself" WOOHOO

01-14-2008, 08:42 PM
Holy cow, so far I have counted somewhere in the area of 17 or 18 new posters in the (OT-Age and Location) thread. That's awesome! I was really close to giving them each their own personal greeting...but that would have taken atleast 7 hours, so sorry guys.

But I DID NOT want to leave them empty handed. So the following posters get a group welcome.


(If I have greeted any of yans before, congrats, cause you get another one) But for the most part, I don't think I've hit all of ya's. (And if I left any off, please accept my conglomerate apology).

Welcome "New Group of Posters"!!! Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am woohoo, aka "WooLegalAdviseryCouncilHoo".

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to law and general courtroom practioning. That's right, most people don't know this about me, but I passed the bar back in 1993, and have been practicing law ever since. I have actually even created new laws since then. For instance, did you know its now legal in Missouri to get a new dollar bill if you find one that has feces on it? Yep, thats all me right there. I have this problem of putting things in my mouth when I'm bored, and I would always swallow my money on accident. Then, when the money would exit my hind quarters, it would be all nasty. I tried using it in stores, and they refused it (mostly because it was no longer green in color I think). I checked the record books, and there is nothing saying you can't use poo covered money (now referred to as "fecal funds" because of me). So I submitted a special endorsement to the constitution (which is also called a "bill", per Schoolhouse Rock), and the law is now engraved in the constitution. Anyways, enough about my achievments...I have even represented many of the known posters on this board in different cases. Most of them, I have won. For example, did you know that you cannot legally kick your children out of your home? That's right. Just ask Rubbadub. I represented him in a case where his parents were trying to get him to move out of their basement. BUT....legally, if your child is still living in the basement, has no job, could pass for either a man or a woman, smells like Miracle Whip, and will more than likely die a virgin...there parent's CAN NOT kick them out of their home. Rub was pretty excited about that win, and its probably one of my biggest victories as well.
Then there was the case involving LongIslandZagFan. That was a doosy...and I actually lost this case though. I won't go into to much detail, but I STILL don't understand the big deal of having farm animals in a hotel room...I think the kicker was the fact that 2 of the animals committed suicide once taken to the animal shelter...
Oh, and I can't forget former1dog. Thanks to me, it is now legal to go jogging naked in the state of Washington, as long as you slightly resemble a naked female while you are jogging.

Anyways, I'd better get back to work. I just wanted to extend my welcome to all the new posters! Send me a PM to say hi every now and then!


02-01-2008, 01:22 PM
Glad you saw it too. Since it was my first post, I figured someone might think I was crazy.

As I've been lurking awhile, I've seen a number of WooHoo's memorable welcomes. But I'm not holding my breath as it seems he's pretty busy with other things during the season.



Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am Woohoo...aka The "WooStaplerBoyHoo".

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to staplers. Staplers may not seem THAT exciting, but the corporate world would be LOST without them, and thats a fact. I became an expert in 1988 (the year the Steelers won their first superbowl). I actually invented the stapler back in the early 1980's. The first stapler was much more of a basic device than todays version. My original invention was consisted of 2 pieces of used cardboard, half a roll of scotch tape, 2 lemons, an old hair curler, and a small piece of thin metal (for the staple itself). Believe it or not, some of the very first users of my stapler are some of the posters on this very forum. For instance, Rubaddub used the first ever staple to hang a picture in his parents basement (where he still resides, 25 years later) of a New Kids on The Block poster, which he still has hanging above his bed. Also, the board legend, Bobzag, has a poster of Jessica Alba hanging in his bedroom. He didn't use the stapler to hang the poster, but he uses it to put clothes on her. What I mean by that, is...BZ is slightly odd...he will use construction paper and spend HOURS designing little clothing pieces from it, decorating the clothing with sequens and tinsel, and then use the stapler to staple the clothes onto the poster like he is dressing Jessica Alba. (It always kinda freaked me out)...but hey, it is better than the alternative...like my boy LongIslandZagFan, he does the same thing as BZ...only the poster is a picture of a naked Paul Reubans...

Anyways, enough about my inventions, WELCOME ABOARD LEWEY!!!

and ps- Yes, my welcomes are harder to come by during the season, but I was specially directed toward you, when someone alerted me via the WOOHOO BAT SIGNAL in the FOO Forum. Which, by the way, you need to check out.

02-06-2008, 01:57 PM
Hey there dezag!

Welcome to the board!!! Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am woohoo, aka WooTaxGuyHoo.

I am pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to taxes. And that's actually pretty important since it is now tax season. I have been doing taxes since about 1979 (the year the Raiders won the Super Bowl), and have now been running my own tax office for the last 3 years. I do the taxes for most of the posters on this board actually. I guess everyone trusts me because I am really good with numbers, and even though I am states away from alot of these guys, I can get their taxes completed and returned to them by 8:00am their time (depending on what time zone I send it from, which...I think I am Central Midwest Time).
Anyways, speaking of doing taxes for some of the people on this board, let me tell you about a couple of them. I was able to get Rubbadub's parents over $5000 in refunds last year!!! How, might you ask?? Well...apparently, they didn't know that you can deduct meals for any children that are unemployed, have no girlfriend, and still live at home in your basement. And, our buddy Rub qualifies in all categories.
Then there is fellow poster drnoe. I got him a nice chunk of change back last year too. He didn't know this, but blow up dolls can be deducted, because they count as excersize tools (which is a legal deduction in only 3 states). But he was pretty excited, and deducted all 7 of his dolls.
And lastly, my friend 83Topper...he wasn't aware of this, but I got him over $10,000 worth of deductions for nudey movies he ordered on him TV. Which...is a nice deduction, but I still found the whole "barn animal" thing a little wierd...


02-14-2008, 09:12 AM
Welcome aboard zagsfanforlife! You're not the only new one today, so I'd like to extend this greeting to Hammer and LoveMyZags as well...

Allow myself to introduce.....myself....

I am Woohoo. Aka WooMovieProducerHoo.

I'm pretty much the coolest guy on this board when it comes to producing movies. I've been writing, directing, producing movies since around 1983 (the year the Toronto Blue Jays won a world series). The first movie I was ever a part of, I actually wrote, produced, directed, and did introductory lighting effects in. It was a movie about the life of myself, and followed me into my later years of retirement and such. When it was released, it came out at #4 in the box office for Flounders County in Missouri. I was pretty happy with it. Anyways, enough about me. I've actually been a part of a few movies involving some posters on this board. You are probably familiar with a movie titled "It's Dark in My Parent's Basement", starring Rubbadub. Great, great movie. The lighting was especially difficult since the entire thing was shot in his parent's basement. It was a PG rated film, because there was not even 1 scene involving a female...apparently that's a pretty common thing, no females with Rub in his parents basement...
Then there is the film I shot for Lothar. It really didn't do that well...Lothar played an old, unathletic, poor, ugly guy in the movie. It was called "The True Life Story of Lothar".
The last and most successful movie I have ever been a part of was called "MILF's Making A Living In The Streets of Vegas". It was starring the mother of a really cool poster named 83Topper. She is a PHENOMINAL actress...

Anyways, I'd better get back to work, but atleast now you guys know a little bit about some of the posters here.


03-05-2008, 02:20 PM
Got em.


Allow myself to introduce....myself...

I am Woohoo, aka WooBoardIdolHoo.

I am pretty much the coolest poster on this board when it comes to singing. As a matter of fact, we held our own version of American Idol and called it "GU Board Idol", and I was the winner. Yep, that was back in 1981 (coincidentally, that was the same year the Detroit Tigers won the NLCS). Anyways, I won the competition with a spicy rendition of "I'm to Sexy" by George Michael. Enough about me...let me tell you a little about some of the posters on this board.
I have been invited to different events to sing and karaoke for a few of the posters on this board. This has given me a chance to meet many posters...many of whom are pretty odd...for instance, last year I was hired by a poster named GonzagaGurl08 to sing at her pool party. I started singing some of the top hits from 2007, and she interrupted me and made me get down on one knee and sing Backstreet Boys directly to her for the entire rest of the party. She also made me change the lyrics to make it sound like Pendo was the one singing and directing the songs personally to her...
Then there was the Tupperware party I sang hired to sing at by ElVoce. (this was kinda scary...) The only songs he let me sing were Michael Bolton songs, while he put on a sundress and danced circles around the living room while holding his tea-cup chihuahua he named "Mikey". This is also the first time I'd ever seen a person wear lipstick and kiss a dog on the mouth. But hey...the dog seemed to be into it to so, what can I say?
Then there was the candle party I sang at for a poster named TexasZagFan. It was one of the more uncomfortable gigs I have ever done because he made me wear this wierd, tight leather suit and sing Janet Jackson songs, then kept trying to tear pieces of the suit off while he yelled "Wardrobe malfunction time, wardrobe malfunction time". Come to think of it...he said it was a candle party, yet, I didn't see candles and I was the only person there....? Hmm...oh well, but this is also one of the reasons I haven't been to his house alone since then.

Anyways, I'd better get back to work, I just wanted to say HELLO, and WELCOME ABOARD ZAGTANA!!!!!

11-07-2008, 06:37 PM
PTMA thread ever. . .look's like there are some greetings that never made it over to this thread.

So it goes.

11-12-2008, 07:17 PM
PTMA thread ever. . .look's like there are some greetings that never made it over to this thread.

So it goes.

I agree, my personal favorite PMTA thread ever. I don't think the very last greeting I did made it here...although I don't quite remember who it was to. I only remember because I thought it may have been a personal best. I will try to find it...

(feel free to delete this post if I find it, I wouldn't want to clog this sweet thread)

11-07-2013, 02:21 PM
Wow, not gonna lie, I don't remember writing over half of these!! haha. Some of them really had me cracking up though. Poor Rubaddub got hammered on a lot of these, haha. Miss that guy.

I need to get back to doing my greetings again. I shall work on that.

12-13-2014, 07:59 AM
Here is one that whoohoo did about a month ago.... (Almost slipped through the cracks...lol)

Well hello dan71w! Allow myself to introduce....myself. I am Woohoo, bringer of all that is good.

Everyone on the forum knows me as the grocery store guy. I run the grocery store, here within the forum. So if you ever need anything like vegetables, fruit, or Pez, just send me a PM. I do feel like it's my job to warn you about a few of the posters here though....we've had issues over the years with some of them. First and foremost, I need to mention former1dog. We had to ban him from the grocery store last May, because he was going around telling all of the women in the store that he "worked in the store, and his job was to go around and get a test-feel of the softness of all of the customers melons". This was especially disturbing to those certain customers who did not actually HAVE melons in their carts.
You really need to be on the lookout for gu03alum as well. He always hangs out near the freezer section. You can recognize him easily because he pulls his arms inside his shirt, and bends his arms in, and just sticks his elbows out of the arm holes, and acts like he has no arms. Then he will go up to the ladies, and say "Hey look. I got no arms. Will you reach way back in the freezer for me and grab that Cool Whip?". At first, it seemed harmless, but then one of the ladies turned to quickly and their frozen "jubblies" (for lack of a better term) scraped gu03alum in the face and cut him open pretty bad.
Lastly, there is Rubbadub. He is also kind of shady. He got permanently banned from the bakery last month, because he kept going in and stealing the Cherry pie's, right after they came out of the oven. For the longest time, we thought he was stealing them and eating them. Then somebody found like 3 dozen pies back behind his mother's house (he lives in her basement), and he hadn't eaten ANY of the actual pies, but he had just put a very small hole right in the center of the pie's. Still not exactly sure what was going on there.

Anyway, nice to have you posting! See you around.