View Full Version : CBS Mock Draft 2020: Tillie at #27

07-03-2019, 02:11 PM

Especially concerned over the UW frosh. UNC should be challenging as well.
Killian @27

Hey it's Summer! lol.......

07-03-2019, 02:34 PM
Kils could rocket up. Fingers crossed.

07-03-2019, 04:29 PM
I really hope his strengthening program works and he stays healthy for a full season. Think about it. He's a better 3-pt shooter than Kyle Wiltjer, plus a much better post-up player, rebounder and passer. Plus he's an excellent defender.

07-03-2019, 05:27 PM
A healthy Tillie could win the Wooden

07-03-2019, 08:48 PM
Kils could rocket up. Fingers crossed.

100% agree.

07-03-2019, 11:01 PM
Stay healthy and the sky is the limit.

07-04-2019, 04:28 AM
A healthy Tillie could win the Wooden

Love Tils, but don’t think the rocket’s that big.

07-04-2019, 06:26 AM
Sure-fire lottery pick if/when he remains healthy.

Even if he just becomes a 6'10" spot up 3pt shooter, he can be elite.

Add in his feel, touch, versatility, length, post moves, passing, quickness, and play making he is one of the best college bball prospects in the nation.

Only thing holds him back is that darn injury bug, which I hope he squashes this season. And a bit more consistent motor from game to game, yet that's being a begger.

ZagMan in Philly
07-04-2019, 06:58 AM
He is going to be a rich man, if he can stay on the court. He has the sweetest stroke for the modern NBA Game.