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03-28-2019, 06:03 PM
Hudson and Morrison: Zags finish the game on a 12-2 run to advance to the Elite Eight.

Norvell: Last year left a bad taste in our mouth and this year we wanted to bring the fight to them. We felt like they brought the fight to us last year. When it was down to 4 we just decided to stay confident. It feels good to move on. Zack knocked down 4 threes to finish with 14. Morrison said I can't say enough about how tough our guys were tonight.

Hudson and Morrison: FSU had one player in double figures, Forrest with 12. Zags finsined with 4 in doubles, Rui with 17, Brandon with a double double, 15 and 12 and 5 blocks to become the all time block leader in the WCC. Norvell and Perk with 14. 4th time in 20 years Zags to the Elite Eight. Zags had 13 offensive rebounds and outrebounded FSU 45-36. We talked about how Rui needed to come out and get started and he did. He needed to avoid contact and he did, on the first play of the game he drove to the hoop did a jump stop and scored and that seemed to get him going. Broken connection occurs here. Hoping for a reconnect. Reconnect-Every single radio broadcast got knocked off the air,

Michaelson: Most physical game played all year. The toughness was spectacular. Our defensive numbers are just off the charts. Rebounding was the thing we wanted to do most and we beat them on the boards. Everybody that stepped on the floor tonight contributed. WE had missed some free throws and they hit the three out of the corner and the Snax buried the last three. We played a spectacular last 4 minutes. Jeremy got some huge plays for us. They have a lot of 6-5, 200 lbs plus guys and we hung in there with them. Three Elite Eights in the last 5 years, we just continue to make history. And I know these guys are not done yet. This is really a defensive region. We beat one of the best defenses by quite a long ways.

Hudson: GU shot one of the worst percentages of the season, just a tick over 40% which was just a bit better than the WCC game vs. SMC but in a game like this against a defense like that 40% is pretty good. Forrest was spectacular tonight but no one else was in doubles for FSU. Mann played I believe Hudson said 39 minutes and their second leading scorer only had 5 points on 1-8 shooting. GU played great one on one defense as FSU shot only 39% from the floor. FSU is so hard to scout because they have so many guys that can do so many things so that makes our defensive effort that much more special. GU had 14 TO's to only 11 assists.

Hudson again: When FSU was coming hard late in the game, Snax hit that big time three and that took the wind out of their sails a bit. A new stat sheet was handed to Hudson and he noted instead of being plus 10 on the board now GU was plus 9 but he said those offensive rebounds were really big for GU as those rebounds forced FSU to play 30 more seconds of defense. Regarding assists Hudson noted there were individual plays that needed to be made tonight and they were, and that cuts down on the assists. Morrison said this time of year you don't really care too much about the having more TO's than assists as long as you win and GU did. That's it.

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another awesome report man, thank you!!

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Thank you for the excellent recap.

There was power outage in the arena after the game that probably cut the broadcast signal ( at least momentarily ).