View Full Version : TSN: It keeps getting sweeter for Gonzaga's big-time program

03-23-2019, 09:57 PM
About making the sweet 16 or better five years in a row and more......


03-23-2019, 10:53 PM
Thanks CDC.

03-23-2019, 10:58 PM
Definitely worth its own thread. I try really hard to be a rational fan (is that an oxymoron?...), and even I have come to feel that Sweet Sixteen is almost the floor - anything less would be a disappointment. It really hit home for me Thursday and Friday - watching teams like Baylor and Wofford revel in first round wins - shortly after I felt so completely ho hum after the Zags dispatched FDU.

These are heady times for Zag fans. This era will eventually come to an end, but let’s live in this moment and enjoy the greatness we are getting to be a small part of.

03-23-2019, 11:53 PM
The money shot:

They reached those Sweet 16s as No. 2 seed, an 11-seed, a 1-seed, a 4-seed and this time, again, as the top seed in the West.

Many consider their glossy records to be merely a product of competing in the WCC, but during those five years they have compiled a 35-12 record a .745 winning percentage against high-major competition.

Thanks CDC!