View Full Version : It's Game Day, the best day of the week. GU vs Baylor in Round Two of March Madnes

03-23-2019, 06:09 AM
I woke up and got of bed shouting the biggest Game Day thought I have ever done (luckily I live by myself). I did a brief dance, while smiling and saying quietly, it's game day. It's Game Day. Can't dance very long any more. Getting old kind of sucks. I love to dance.

I know I'll be dancing in streets later on though. This team seems to make me forget about the aches and pains. Have we played Baylor before (it's getting tougher to pull out some of the memories in my memory bank)? Seems to me that the first time I ever saw Gonzaga play in person was at the Arena in Spokane against Baylor. It was the Day Josh Heyvelt threw down that in bound's pass. One of my All-Time dunks. There may have been a couple of other times that we played them. I have always liked their coach. Seems we've had good fortune against them.

Ok, ok, ok. Get your Zag gear on and get ready to Rock and Roll. It's March Madness Time. We've waited all season for THIS game. This is one of the best games in the tournament because it's the game that get's us to our first goal, The Sweet Sixteen. I've always believed that any team who makes it to the Sweet Sixteen is a really good team. Getting there is not easy. And that's why this game today will be a tough game. I think I need to change my prediction. This is a game that our opponent will give every ounce of energy and fight they have within themselves. It will be a war. And I know our boys knows that because Few knows that. He's been here enough times. He'll have them all ready to fight too. A champion has that kind of fight in them. Watching other games so far, I know you have to be ready for a fight, and a rough one. There's no cake walk to the Sweet 16. Are you ready?

Ha ha ha ha ha I love being a Zag fan. I'm ready.

Go Zags!!!