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Section 116
03-02-2019, 08:28 PM
Hudson & Morrison: GU a winner in Moraga knocking off SMC 69-55 to run their WCC record to 16-0. The lead was exchanged throughout the first half. SMC went on a 14-4 run in the first half to take a four point lead but the Zags took a 2 point lead into the half. The Zags took Fitts (2 points) completely out of the game. The GU lead went up to 8 in the second half but the big play that got the Zags rolling was the Petrusev foul that sent Tass to the free throw line where he missed two and then the Zags were off and rolling. Morrison noted the guys showed up and did what they were supposed to. The Bulldogs have won 15 of the last 18 vs. SMC. !9 for Perk, 17 for Rui and 15 for BC. Ford 19 for SMC and 11 each for Krebs and Kuhse. GU shoots 52.8% from the field, SMC 40%. Team rebounds 30 a piece. Jeremy Jones had 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. Kispert and Norvell only 3-11 tonight, though they both had 4 rebounds.

Daniels: If you thought we were going to do to them here what we did at home that was fantasy. What we really did was turn them over. At one point late inthe second half they only had 10 points. 16-0 running the table is hard to do, I don't care where you are or who you are and this is the 5th time Few has done it. I have been at some great programs and no one does that. That is going on the road and winning some games.

Perkins, what he has done is finally taking his shots. He's played incredible, he made his free throws, he runs this thing. He and Few don't always see eye to eye but we could not have done any of this without him.

Crandall takes defending personal. He can guard the ball screens the pick and rolls he just gets down in the defensive stance, he just gets it.

Over the last two decades what this program has done is just incredible. We won like 8 WCC's in a row, then SMC one won and now 7 in a row. I have been around a lot of coaches and what Few has done is why he is a Hall of Fame coach. Daniels signs off telling Hudson I'll see you and our fans in Las Vegas!

Morrison noted teams are really trying to take away Rui and BC lately and Perkins has recognized that and really stepped up his offensive game the past 4-5 games. BC had 4 blocks and 7 rebounds to go with his 15 points. After Tass missed those free throws Crandall made the three from the corner and Bennett had to call timeout but Crandall answered with an assist and on big Alley-oop to BC which was part of the 17-0 run moving away from 47-44 to a 20 point lead-game over. SMC just does not have an answer for the athleticism of GU and this was another game in the string of scoring in double figures for Rui and BC.

Hudson said BC was just 2-3 from the field in the first half, and yet again we have seen how quickly he can get going as he made the next 5-7. Ford had a nice first half with 14 points but he finished with just 19 and it took him 18 shots to get there and his last five came in garbage time as GU did a better job on him. Morrison said He's a very good player and we will see him again most likely. Kuhse 11 points came on 5-12 shooting so SMC scoring leaders took a lot of shots to get their points.

Hudson noted the Zags now have a nice nine day break to get everyone (Tillie) healthy and healed up. On to Las Vegas!

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Thanks for the recap, Section116 !

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He and Few don't always see eye to eye but we could not have done any of this without him.

interesting quote

Thanks 116

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Improved 6 spots, AdjD Kenpom. Now #15. Remain #1 AdjO.

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Improved 6 spots, AdjD Kenpom. Now #15. Remain #1 AdjO.

Flashy versus conservative basic

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interesting quote

Thanks 116

+1, on both counts (+2?)

I recall that in past seasons Coach has wanted Perkins to be less flashy and make the simple plays, which I think Perkins has done this year. Maybe Perkins is into Star Wars and Few is more a Star Trek guy...

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Wars/Trek ... I like that!