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12-05-2018, 09:25 AM
NCAA sources say Pacific will be required to forfeit all wins for the 2017-2018 as a result of Oregons transgressions.

The violations sound similar to what St Marys was nailed for.

Oregon basketball findings below --

Men’s basketball
The director of men’s basketball operations participated in or observed individual voluntary workouts at least 64 times. The infractions committee said the director of men’s basketball operations described his involvement in the voluntary workouts as a “very poor lapse in judgement” and explained he wanted to help incoming freshmen transition to college life and give them the workout time they wanted. After learning of the activity, the men’s basketball coach imposed disciplinary measures, including a one-month suspension.

While the NCAA investigation in this case progressed, the director of basketball operations observed additional voluntary workouts by a student-athlete at a local high school track, the committee said. In its report, the committee stressed it was especially troubled that the director of basketball operations participated in the impermissible activities after he served a suspension for being involved in workouts with the one of same student-athletes.

The director of men’s basketball operations also acted as a referee in men’s basketball practices. He, along with the head men’s coach, believed the compliance staff had approved this activity. The head men’s coach later determined the activity was impermissible, told the director of men’s basketball that he could not referee and reported the conduct to the compliance staff.

The committee noted that the head coach responsibility violation illustrates the dangers of a head coach becoming too complacent with trusted staff members. It continued that even a coach with a strong record of following the rules can make mistakes and recognized the head men’s basketball coach for promoting an atmosphere of compliance, which was evident in his self-reporting the referee violation.


12-05-2018, 11:22 AM
Poor Pacific; those guys just can't catch a break!

12-06-2018, 06:24 AM
So what are the penalties? Two years probation: $5K and 1% of men's and women's Bball operating budget and that's it?

12-07-2018, 11:52 AM
The penalty phase occurs after the findings.....it can sometimes take awhile.

Something has been smelling fishy to me when it comes to the Ducks. Look, I know Altman is a good coach, but that program is not "big enough" to be getting the kinds of recruits they have been getting of late. They are not a blue blood.