View Full Version : GU vs Arizona: Your thoughts and analysis

11-20-2018, 10:17 PM
GU 91
Arizona 74

What a great game. Just so awesome to watch. Two completely different halves. Zags got into early foul trouble again tonight and maybe even worse. We were down at the half 45 to 37. And the Zags looked really bad. But they were a different team the second half. We killed them. We scored 54 points the second half. It was beautiful. Rui was 24, Norvell with 20, Josh and Clarke with 18, Jones and Petrusev with 4. Norvell 10 rebounds for a double double, Rui and jONES WITH 6 BOARDS. Perkins with 9 assists. Team shot 53% again, 66% from FTs again. Norvell was 3-13 from beyond. He was pretty off for most of the game, but the 3 he did make were daggers. Josh shot pretty good from the 3 pt line. Josh played better. Good to see him scoring. The Zags need him. It was just so cool to see the second half and how awesome the Zags played. We looked better than last night for sure, even though we were aweful in the first half, a lot due to the reffing. The reffing was probably worse than last night. I'll sign off so others can post.

Go Zags!!! I'll write more later/

11-20-2018, 10:33 PM
Brandon showed me the error of my ways...no more suggestions about bringing him off the bench! :lmao: