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11-18-2018, 05:30 AM
Due to popular request, The Whelping Box is created as the recruiting sub-forum to keep our recruiting discussions more manageable and easily navigable. There are some general guidelines for this forum that will help with that.

- Recruit thread titles start with the year group of the recruit then the recruit’s name. They can be modified to indicate recruit’s status (offered, accepted, accepted at a different school, etc). Please don’t start a new thread with new information for a recruit announcing status change or breaking news, etc. Check to make sure if there is not already a thread for that recruit and post information in the existing thread if it exists.

- There will be no bashing recruits. Posters violating this will be given infractions, multiple offenses will result in banning. Being critical of a recruit’s skill or position fit within the team or system is fine, but there should be no bashing of recruits’ based on their or their parents’ background or off-court issues. It is the coaching staff’s job to vet recruits and make offer decisions.

Please enjoy!

10-07-2019, 02:19 PM
I am reposting here:
To reiterate, we left the no bashing recruits rule purposefully broad. If, in the judgement of an admin or moderator, a comment is potentially offensive of insulting, it will be deleted. Repeated behavior will result in infractions and timeouts (banning). The intent of this forum is to provide information and discussion on the status of GU's recruiting efforts. Personal judgements of recruits or GU's recruiting policies are going to be closely moderated in this forum. We do not want posts in this forum to provide any hindrance to our ability to get information and make it available to forum members. We are only going to get information from knowledgeable sources as long as it doesn't become detrimental to program goals.