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Start of Josh piece in The Athletic......

SPOKANE,​ Wash.​ —​ Josh Perkins unwraps his​ left​ arm, revealing a new​ three-quarter sleeve​ tattoo.

“Everything​ that’s a little​ red is​​ going to fade into a sick silver-ish color,” the Gonzaga guard explains, as he twists his arm to show off the new ink: a Bible, clouds and a set of “gates to heaven.” Perkins calls his left arm his “adult” arm; his right arm is his “kid” arm. His right tattoo sleeve features a baby angel and will soon have Woody, the cowboy from “Toy Story.”

The dueling tattoos perfectly describe who Perkins, 23, is trying to be: a kid at heart, only one with adult responsibilities. “I’m still immature, still the class clown, still just embracing life and cherishing every moment I can with people,” he says.

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Maybe it's just me. I'm not adapting to the new world of paying for content. I'd rather have the ads displayed than direct pay.

I've never bought a pay per view tv event either.

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Yeah, I was kind of suckered by an ad that listed the cost at a little over $2 per month, so I signed up and was surprised when the cost billed to me was $32 or some such. Wouldn't do it again if I realized that would be the cost, not a billing of $2+ per month.

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I enjoy some of the writers in The Athletic but won't be renewing my subscription. . .One year sub is $48.00. . .

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You can still sign up/renew for $30/yr.


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The writer in me hopes people want to pay for good coverage and writing, but the exchange is that everything is very clear as to what you're purchasing, not hiding the ball at all, and certainly not including ads along with it (sounds like they don't). It is the true cost.

Seems like the best way to go is very minimal ads and small subscription fee.

I want them to do well.

10-20-2018, 03:53 PM
I cancelled my ESPN subscription and got the Athletic one instead. I like it much, much better. ESPN got rid of all the good writers and so they don't have a lot of great content. I wouldn't get it just for Zag coverage, since that is minimal so far, but I also follow a lot of other teams like the Seahawks and Mariners, etc.

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I've never paid for a subscription site before, but I'm tempted to for the Athletic. They've got a bunch of great writers.