View Full Version : CWU Game Tickets for CWU Fans

CWU Wildcat Nation
10-11-2018, 07:38 PM
Hello Gonzaga community!

CWU is looking forward for the opportunity to play in The Kennel against our elite D1 big bros to the east! With many CWU fans also being Gonzaga fans, like myself, this will be an exciting opportunity to see two of our favorite teams go head to head, no matter what the end result ends up being. Only issue is, I am assuming this exhibition game is "sold out" like all the rest with no tickets available through primary sales.

I come before you all hoping that this thread can serve as a place for CWU fans to come forward to seek tickets that you Gonzaga fans may be selling. We can use this as the place to connect you Gonzaga fans who are selling their tickets to the CWU game with CWU fans who are seeking tickets. So if anyone has tickets for sale to the CWU game on November 1, we would love to do business with you here. I will direct other CWU fans to this thread as a place to purchase tickets.

Also, if there is a particular secondary ticket sales site that would have tickets to the November 1 CWU game, please share that so I can pass that along, as well.

We would really appreciate your assistance and cooperation.

CWU Wildcat Nation
10-21-2018, 10:01 AM
So is there anyone who has tickets to the game vs CWU who is not going? I would be very interested in getting a ticket! PM me please!