View Full Version : A request from Inside The Kennel at 247Sports (which mods/admin here support)

06-27-2018, 09:03 AM
If you are a premium member at Inside the Kennel, please do not post a single bit of info from their premium board on this site. Even if Max posts that Recruit Jones is favoring Oregon over Gonzaga, don't post it. If you are dying to know, subscribe. I recently received a message from Max that this is happening too much on our site. Max and his team work their tails off on that site, and they deserve to be fairly compensated and have their premium content kept hush hush.

You can sign up for a premium membership right here:


It's a very good bargain, and at various points during the calendar year, 247 offers specials where they give you a good discount.

The mods and admin support Max and his terrific site, and we will delete anything posted here that rips them off. They have to pay the bills.