View Full Version : KenPom Article on Home Court Advantage

05-25-2018, 03:24 PM
I found this interesting. KenPom looked at his ratings and point-spread data on home court advantages. Some takeaways

- Home court advantage on a team-by-team basis is hard to estimate

- Home court advantage has been decreasing across different sports in recent years

- There is not a large difference between the best and worst home-court advantages

- He states "Teams that run up a long home-court winning streak are doing it mostly because they are better than their opponents and they just happened to save their worst performances for either poor opponents at home or games on the road. Sure, the home court contributes to a long winning streak, too, but any special advantage a team has in their building is a very small factor."

- The "market" (point spread) rankings he lists have Gonzaga's home court edge at #147 out of 258, but with the tight spread in the rankings, that could change a lot based on variance in the data/methodology.

The part I found most interesting is the data doesn't seem to show that many teams at all have a truly "special" home court advantage.