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04-14-2018, 12:12 PM
I enjoyed this article on the Eurohoops (https://www.eurohoops.net/en/aba/652704/crvena-zvezda-ties-series-buducnost/) site.

So what’s next? With another Gonzaga alumnus, Kevin Pangos, having a stellar season in the EuroLeague, it seems that Zags point guard are becoming a trend in Europe. “Honestly I don’t know if it’s something special about Gonzaga’s point guards”, explains Williams-Goss about the mentality he had during his college days. “What I know is that with coach Mark Few we learn that team comes first. And I think that in our days, in Europe and in many cases also in the NBA, it’s about the team and not about the individuals. So when your mind is that the team comes first, it makes easier your transition to European basketball. Because in Europe they really preach team basketball, ball movement and being a point guard I know that this is easily translated”.

04-14-2018, 12:41 PM
Not sure where to find it on that site, Rad.

04-14-2018, 05:51 PM
Sorry, not sure what happened. Try this link:


04-14-2018, 06:28 PM
Great stuff, Radbooks. Thanks!

04-14-2018, 07:16 PM
Got it. Thanks Rad.

04-18-2018, 01:32 PM
He is on the path just two years behind KP.

Step 1 - Star in the EuropeCup during Rookie year
NWG=Check KP=Check
Step 2 - Star in the EuroLeague by third pro year
Step 3 - Land a NBA contract

Off course, NWG can always skip step 2.