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11-01-2007, 07:51 AM
Skater requests China's help. by Tim [B]Warsinskey, the Cleveland Plain Dealer. On July 26th, the same hot afternoon Micheal Vick lied about his involvement in dogfighting outside a Virginia courtroom, U.S. Olympic speed skater Joey Cheek rang the doorbell of the Chinese Embassy. He was delivering a petition with 42,000 signatures asking China to help do something about the slaughterof thousands by Sudanese militias. With the Olympic games only 11 months away Cheek knew the timing was right. Between 200,000-450,000 villagers have been murdered in the Darfur region of Sudan and in neighboring Chad. Thousands more have been beaten and raped. Check went to the Chinese because their government is Sudan's primary diplomatic sponser and its largest WEAPONS and trading partner. With this at stake the mild-mannered North Carolina native waited stoicly for 35 minutes in the Washington heat until the Embassy doors opened.Cheek told the Chinese the Darfur issue dovetails with the Olympic ideal-protecting women, children and promoting Peace. He asked permission to take an international group of athletes from China, Europe, North America, and Africa to Darfur and show the world that this must and can be resolved. Cheek, who carried the U.S. flag in the Toronto Olympics last year knows the Olympic charter should be about sport, not politics. But in his mind nothing goes further aginst the Olympic charter than a situation where millions of folks have been driven from their homes by their own government and been gunned down by armed groups. this article is in the S-R sports page, Thurs, Nov. 1, 2007, page C3. Hurrah for Joey Cheek.! I am so proud that some athletes really do get involved!!