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04-09-2018, 12:56 PM
Meet the woman behind the academic success of GU's student-athletes


I did not see this one posted.

04-09-2018, 01:05 PM
Amazing effort! Great organization. RUI.............no rap! Only the dregs use that slang. Oh and "get off my lawn" lol

04-09-2018, 01:43 PM
Thanks Zagdawg.

04-09-2018, 02:03 PM
That’s what I’m talking about.

04-09-2018, 02:05 PM
Awesome Job! I have always thought that basketball was the most difficult sport for student-athletes just because it always spans both semesters which makes it almost impossible to take a light schedule and still graduate on time.

04-09-2018, 02:32 PM
Now THAT is impressive !

04-09-2018, 03:23 PM

I have known Stefany since she was in middle school... she graduated from Foothill High School
in Pleasanton in the same graduating class as my son. Stef's older brother was the point guard on my son's high school team.
Stef was a 4.0 student, a very fine high school golfer, and just a tremendous human being from a top shelf family.

I can assure you, the Zags could not be in better hands. She is dedicated, demanding but fair, she
holds our student-athletes accountable, and she bleeds red and blue like the rest of us. She is a Zag!

04-09-2018, 03:25 PM
Our middle kid is a GU grad. The other two went to state schools but Alyson is the only one of the three to finish in 4 years. GU really works with kids to schedule correctly but Wow! Student athletes present another whole level of scheduling. It is great that they are held to the same standards and it is equally great that there is someone like Ms Galbraith to work with them. She sounds like an awesome person too.

04-10-2018, 08:40 AM
One of the reasons why Gonzaga flies charter is to miss less class time. But consider this. Gonzaga very often has late tip times. The guys sometimes don't get into Spokane until 4am in the morning. Because of afternoon practice and games, most of the guys have to take classes in the morning. Lots of 8am classes. It isn't easy. You get maybe 2 hours of sleep and then you're in class. It doesn't matter if you played 36 minutes the previous night and have a nasty cold that won't go away.

I mean, you have to do what you have to do, but I respect the kids for doing it. The point about basketball being a two semester sport is also a good one.

As someone who had to work a ton while I went to university, I never understood this attitude that some have that college is to prepare you for a much harder life (full time job with heavy responsibility). I work now, and I have a lot more time off now that I did when I was in school. I have less responsibility. It was pretty much 8am-10pm, 6-7 days a week in my early 20's. I would imagine there isn't much goof around time for the men's basketball team. You have to stay really focused.