View Full Version : Andorra loans Karnowski to Fuenlabrada

02-28-2018, 01:13 PM
Never a great thing to be loaned out by your current team to another club. Usually means you arnt cutting it for the contracted club.
This could be a little different though. Karno wasnt playing too bad for Andorra and is just getting back from a serious injury. Andorra had high expectations for the season and couldn't ride out Karno's injury (among others) and signed big man Colton Iverson a month or so ago. There isnt room for both on the roster (among other solid bigmen).

Fuenlabrada is a rival ACB team with a very similar record to Andorra (Top 8). Likely it is a historically weaker club than Andorra that is playing well this year and they are making a push with Karno, where Andorra is underachieving so far this season.

At least he didn't drop down a domestic league - but he will be out of the EuroCup (which I think Andorra is already done with by not qualifying for the 2nd round).