View Full Version : David Stockton on Team USA?

02-08-2018, 12:43 PM
Yes - you read that right.

Stocks named to the training camp roster for the February Qualification window for the FIBA World Cup.
Due to a whole load of crap I won't get into - the USA needs to utilize G-League players for this because the NBA is in-season. A risky proposition but the USA should still easily qualify as all the other countries are handicapped as well. However the summer windows should see NBA players participating.
Only three guys returning for USA from the November games. The turnover has to be a big concern. Man...I thought Canada had it bad. But the USA is still fielding a bunch of ex-NBA and near -NBA guys from the G. They'll be fine.

an big honor for Stockton none-the-less.

02-08-2018, 01:59 PM
Good Luck David!

02-24-2018, 12:34 PM
Good Luck David!

Stocks with 10 point, 2 rbds and 3 assists in 21 minutes last night in a reserve role. Decent showing in a blow up win over Cuba.

Next game is Sunday vs PR and should be a bigger test for this edition of Team USA. Despite the blow out, the USA didnít look too crisp. No surprise I guess as they get a few days practice to meld 12 guys who have never before played together.