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02-03-2018, 08:53 PM
I got home in time for Michaelson so we'll lead off with him: Another scrappy one, this is huge, we knew the month of Feb and the last game of Jan were going to be huge. We needed these three at home. TJ Haws has an incredible ability to get it going and he did tonight and we knew they would throw it into Childs and Worthington, they can smash mouth you. A really good job on Childs and we turned them over a lot. Only 3-20 from three was really good and they all came from Haws. Some huge and timely offensive rebounds. Jeremy came in and did some good things for us. He has a role and we haven't always needed him but we needed him on the offensive glass, he has a nose for the ball and he has some good defensive hands. We only had one TO in the second half.

Morrison talked about Child and how the Zags held him to 14. He said when you work that hard on a guy that means someone else has to beat you and he may have a game and Worthington did that tonight. I think Morrison said he averages 4 and he had 16 tonight, but a guy like Childs can really get it going and hang 30 on you in a hurry. The Zags did not let that happen tonight. BYU had no points from the bench and all 5 starters played 32 minutes or more.

BYU made more free throws this year than their opponents have shot but tonight they only were 7-9 tonight. Morrison noted no one was really in foul trouble tonight other than Perkins who made a bonehead play for his third four. He said the refs really let them play tonight. Hudson said it was interesting J3 had not scored in about 15 minutes in the second half but the Zags went to him late and he delivered.

Morrison noted Norvell was only 2-7 from the floor but he delivered some key late buckets and is beginning to play some really outstanding defense. Morrison said he really likes the "stones" on that kid. GU only 6 turnovers, one in the second half. If you take care of the ball late and those late free throws like GU did you can win a lot of games.

12 turnovers for BYU and if you go 2-1 in turnovers you'll win a lot of game. Tonight is the lowest point total for the season but it shows the Zags can grind them out like they have the past three games. Morrison said if you said in the beginning of the season if you said you were going to have young kids like Rui, Corey and Norvell on the floor late you would not have thought that would be a good thing but these kids can really play and they get better every game.

Morrison said when you hold a guy like Bryant to 1-11 shooting you have done good work. This is a guy averaging 18 in the league and I think he said Bryant has had a couple 30 point games this year, which again as he said if you are going to try and lock down a guy you take a chance the next guy, in this case Worthington won't beat you and that was the case tonight even though Worthington did have a good game.

Morrison said I have been there, like Childs tonight when a few of your shots look good when they leave your hand but they don't go down and they you start to think a little bit and you have some guys playing decent defense and you end up with a night like Childs had tonight. Also sometimes you have to have some luck and Morrison said there was a play late when Norvell missed shot and there were three BYU defenders right there but the ball bounced to Norvell and he put it in . Morrison said sometimes those things just happen and the same thing happened for BYU when Hardnett missed a shot surrounded by GU defenders and the ball came to him and he made a nice move and put it in.

J3: We haven't beaten them here in a few years and our defense was on point tonight especially late, I don't think they scored on their last 4 possessions. Tillie, Snax and Rui really locked down late. It was a great atmosphere in here tonight, I only have 2 more games in here and I really like the Kennel Club cheering for us. Three games aganist the better teams in the WCC the last three and we had to make some plays to beat all of them. This is different than winning by 30. Haws runs toward the Kennel Club and throws one up and it goes but you just have to keep you heart in it. We gotta take care of Pacific first, they play well at home and then we'll worry about the next one.

That's pretty much what I got. It was fun in the Kennel tonight, it was loud like it should be and it was a pleasure to walk out of there with a win over BYU after losses the past three years.

02-03-2018, 08:58 PM
JW is steady and heady

02-03-2018, 09:22 PM
Thanks for another great wrap up. It’s nice hearing Adam’s praise of our players. He had one of the best college seasons ever(bar none in the modern era). He had a real good rookie season too.

Keep spreading the Zagness!

02-04-2018, 02:30 AM
Nice :)