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02-01-2018, 07:59 PM
Random recall: Michaelson noted there were at least three stretches tonight where the Zags were "unengaged" which seems to be a common thread this season. For instance the two quick threes to start the second half forcing Few to call a quick timeout. Perkins missed a layup to start the second half, USD hit two quick threes and the hard earned first half lead was gone just like that. It was at this point to open the second half USD went on a 13-2 run to take a 40-38 lead but they then went scoreless for 8 minutes as GU moved to a 49-40 lead and it looked like GU might be able to sustain the run. But three missed shots, basically layups as I recall, which would have pushed the lead to 15 allowed USD to close down the lead again as they got all the way back to 51-50 and the Zags then closed it out.

Hudson and Morrison discussed we are now 24 games into the season and it is now apparent there is not going to be one "go to" guy this season. That's just the way it is. What they and and Michaelson did note, however, is it seems every time the Zags need someone to make a play someone does. Perk had a terrible second half shooting but came up huge at the end. Tillie only chipped in with 4 but came up with a huge block late in the game. Kispert basically had nothing the second half but had 8 big first half points and finished with 7 rebounds. Norvell who had been relatively quiet scoring wise hit two big threes late in the game. Silas had a nice little run in the final 10 minutes. Hudson said if you look at GU scoring averages with 6 in double figures, it's game like tonight that show why there are 6 in double figures.

USD held GU to its lowest point total of the season. If it wasn't the lowest shooting percentage of the season it was close. Michaelson noted when you play USD it is going to be a low possession game and he noted the coaching staff was on the team since the USF game letting them know this not a fluke team. This is a solid defensive team and that's where it starts. Morrison said in the pregame when you are rebuilding a program you start with defense and this is a good defensive team. That being said Hudson and Michaelson both noted GU did a solid job on the two leading USD scorers, Piniero who finished with 13 but was three for 11 from the floor. Wright had 12 but was 4-16 from the floorUSD was 32% from the floor and 32% from three.

J3 had a double double at 14 and 12. Perkins had 13 but had a terrible shooting night 5-15, Norvell had 13 and Silas 12. Norvell was the post game radio guest and he reiterated the coaching staff told them to be ready for a battle. He said his confidence is high and he is not afraid to take "the shot". He said the younger guys have a lot of confidence in the veterans, J3, Perk and Silas and even when USD kept fighting back they had confidence they could retake the lead. Zags had 45 rebounds but only 7 assists tonight. USD 37 rebounds and only 8 assists. That's it for recall and a quick glance at post game stats.

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Thanks as always Section!

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Thanks as always Section!


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I would suspect in years to come that Norvell will be that alpha male this team lacks as of now. Keep shooting the rock, kid.

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I would suspect in years to come that Norvell will be that alpha male this team lacks as of now. Keep shooting the rock, kid.

I agree, there were several times towards the end of the game that he was the one initiating the team huddle after calls, including calling over older players who had wandered off.