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Section 116
01-27-2018, 07:44 PM
Random recall in no particular order. Morrison noted hats off to USF, not a lot of WCC teams come into the MAC, get behind as USF did and come back to make a game of it. Morrison said frankly those games, that are basically routs are not a lot of fun for announcers to call, and USF continued to run their stuff and listen to their coach even when behind.

Michaelson noted J3 does not get enough credit nationally. He leads the team in scoring and rebounding and makes all the plays. Three huge blocks during the last 2 minutes. He hits 4 big free throw late and I think he had 14 of his 16 in the second half. Michaelson said in the last 5 games J3 has been around 80% from the line, that for a guy who has been hanging around the low 50's most of the season. Michaelson also said that last 10 minutes of the first half when GU went into the deep freeze with I believe one bucket in the last 10 was the longest offensive drought of the season. He was also happy Tillie continued his good play with 16 and 8 and no doubt would have had more except for some time on the bench with fouls. Micahelson also noted, as we all know the schedule this year is backloaded and tonight was the beginning of a huge three game homestand with USD, the leading defensive team in the WCC coming in followed by BYU who gives us fits at the MAC.

Hudson and Morrison: Credit to Rui for 6 straight critical points, Perkins who had only one TO in 35 minutes but that one made me gasp and it turned into a 3 for USF. The Zags actually out rebounded USF by one but they trailed in that department for a large percentage of the game. The Dons outshot GU 51% to 50% and that does not happen often, particularly at home. I actually watched USF's field goal percentage creep up as they must have hit 4 layups and a tip without a miss. If you have not been in the MAC since the addition of the new video and scoreboards they are a real bonus for those of us who like to track stats during the game and haven't had the opportunity until now. Kudos to GU for those scoreboards. This game was won at the free throw line as the Zags hit 19 of 23, about 8 of those critical down the stretch. USF had only 11 shots with 8 makes but they had a huge night from three shooting 50% 9-18. I recall Ratinho was a DNP at USF and he had 15 tonight. I forget who the other DNP was down at USF but I suspect he contributed as well. Zags had 5 in double figures tonight, Williams and Tillie with 16, Rui 14, Melson 13 and Perk 11. GU had only 8 TO's tonight to USF's 14. That's it for recall!

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