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01-11-2018, 01:11 PM
Good landing spot for the kid. Martin basically Teflon w respect to criticism.
Not many CBB writers would dare to even question him on this.
Goodman must have phoned it in from Lithuania.

Former Louisville recruit Brian Bowen admitted to South Carolina
Jeff Goodman

Former Louisville recruit Brian Bowen, one of the key figures in an FBI probe into college basketball, has been admitted to South Carolina.

"I'm really excited to get an opportunity like this with a terrific coach like Frank Martin and a program like South Carolina," Bowen told ESPN.

Bowen was suspended from the Louisville men's basketball program shortly after news broke of the investigation into an alleged payment involving Adidas, Louisville and his father to steer him toward the Cardinals. The school declined to seek his reinstatement with the NCAA. He recently told Outside the Lines that he had no knowledge of the alleged payment.