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01-08-2018, 10:19 AM
From Deadspin:


Last Wednesday, in North Carolina’s game against Florida State, Joel Berry tried to argue with official Ted Valentine about a non-foul call after he was held while trying to catch a pass. It didn’t go well, which is to say that it didn’t happen at all. Valentine just turned his back on the Tar Heels’ senior guard, and came off looking like a d@ck.

. . .Valentine says he intends to work his ACC assignments this week, but even just those few days off is a lengthy stretch for one of the game’s most prolific and relentlessly visible refs. Because of that one moment in which Valentine decided to turn his back on a player, college basketball fans might suddenly receive something they’ve been wishing about for years.

From the comments section:

Berry was confused. Usually when someone folds his arms and turns his back to him so he can’t see anything, that means it's time to start taking the final exam in class.

01-08-2018, 10:36 AM
They mentioned on Big Ten Basketball and Beyond last night that Valentine has said that due to all the criticism he has received from the incident, he is considering retirement in protest. He has officiated 10 final fours, and is known for his confrontational, no B.S. style.

I feel he should be reprimanded by the ACC. The refs in amateur basketball are supposed to be, in an indirect way, "teachers" of the game. Behaving like this has no place in college sports. And if he wants to retire, he can take his big ego and call it quits as far as I am concerned, despite being widely respected for "getting the calls right".......most of the time.

However, MLB umps should learn from what Ted did. That is EXACTLY how I was taught to deal with coaches and players who argued balls and strikes during umpiring school. You are not supposed discuss any judgment calls. Instead of umps doing what they are supposed to do, in modern day MLB if a hitter shakes his head in disgust (and doesn't say anything) at a strike call, the umpire starts barking at the player, trying to instigate an argument so that he can piss off the hitter enough to eject him.