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Section 116
12-28-2017, 08:05 PM
I didn't get much tonight. It was a slow walk back to the car in the snow in Spokane and I missed some I usually hear. Here are some random thoughts from Hudson, Morrison, Michaelson and Kispert who was on as the post game player. First off Kispert is a very well spoken freshman. Not a lot, if any huhs, umms, etc. Hudson had mentioned previously tonight that GU's trainer said most likely Kispert would not be close to 100% before the first league game. Kispert affirmed the comment when he said a lot of people don't realize how mental an ankle sprain can be. It just takes away from your athleticism and all the things you are accustomed to be doing as a player. He said the three days he spent with his family in Edmonds and totally away from basketball really sped up the healing mentally and physically. He said he is not 100% but he is really close. He said he is really looking forward to the grind of the WCC and he was really happy to play against the competition GU had pre league as always. He said it was really fun playing against the high caliber competition. Morrison noted Hacimura is rapidly becoming a force for GU. He said earlier in the year Rui was still trying to muscle his way into the lane and literally still running over and through people. He is now, as each game passes becoming smarter and more of a finesse player and is a more and more valuable piece for the Zags. Michaelson said for the 22nd year in a row, I think it was, GU won the WCC opener and you just have to do that if you intend to win the WCC. And then, just as important you have to win the next home game to hold serve. Morrison noted every game for the Zags in the WCC is the other teams Super Bowl, as has been the case seemingly forever. and of course the Zags have to bring it every night. Morrison also noted Perkins, along with the rest of the team pretty well stunk, and I'm pretty sure that was the adjective he used vs. SDSU. Ammo said tonight Perkins redeemed himself with 16 points on 6-10 shooting, 5 assist and 4 rebounds in 32 minutes. Michaelson said the reason Wade came in in the first half was frankly because the ZAgs were not scoring and Wade has been shooting lights out in practice and the coaches felt it was time for him to get into the game other than "garbage time"! Michealson really feels Wade is going to be another factor very soon. I heard not discussion of J3 or Tillie though obviously had a really miserable night with 2 points and 4 rebounds. GU went into this game as a 22 point favorite and after the first half I really didn't think they would cover or get close to their season scoring average of 90 but they did cover and thanks to a 50 point second half they came relatively close to the 90 point average. That's all I have for recall tonight. Go Zags.

12-28-2017, 08:46 PM
Thanks Section! I’m in Mérida, Mexico this week and won’t get to watch the game until 2018. Very much appreciate your summary. After reading the game thread then your postgame radio takeaways, I can’t say I’m all that psyched to watch my DVR recording of this game. Sounds like Zags continue to struggle in finding an identity and neither JWIII nor Tillie are comfortable being forced to play the 5. More Larsen please!