View Full Version : Great Job B.C. Eagles!

10-25-2007, 10:33 PM
Great College Football game in Blacksburg this evening. A Doug Flutie like comeback by Matt Ryan and the #2 rated Eagles against a darn good VaTech team by a score of 14-10. Ryan competed a 24 yd TD pass, while on the run to give Boston College arguably one of the biggest wins ever. This Ryan kid is the goods, he was harrassed the entire night by a tenacious Hooky defense, but when the chips were down in the 4th quarter he completes 9 of 15 for two scores. IMHO Ryan is a legit Heisman Candidate and the Eagles are worthy of a National Title if they can keep it going. Be great of the Eagles could get the Jesuits a National Title and basketball Zags could follow suit.