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12-11-2017, 10:55 AM
Tough kid.

His shoulder dislocated last night, goes to the tunnel, pops it back in, returns to the game. Amazing.

Said after the game, it's sore, but will be alright. Has happened before.

Technically, this was his 4th dislocation of the same shoulder (from what we know about). At this point, all he can do is play though it. Better to keep going before it swells up and unable to lift it.

I have suffered (6) dislocations since my Gonzaga intramural days, and after the first (2) were put back in at the ER, the last (4) were by me, or with my Wife's help. The last (2) times I resumed my activity after 'popping' it back in, which I suspect is where Perkins is at.

He should be fine, some swelling/discomfort, but will continue to play through all season even IF it pops out again. Chances are high it will at some point, but one could tell it wasn't the first time he's done it, nor was it the first time his buddy Silas had seen it.

Here are some quotes from Josh re: his shoulder, I love the way he is always so nonchalant about everything:

Perkins said his right shoulder popped out of place and back into place right away. Also said he's had shoulder issues in the past. Didn't bother him much after he returned.

“Just some shoulder issues in the past, just hurt a little bit,” Perkins said. “Just popped out a little bit. I was here (holds arm away from body) and tried to extend (upward). It’s not very strong right now, but everything is good.”

“It [shoulder] goes back in (place) on its own,” Perkins shrugged. “It’s just sore, nothing too extreme. Just a little baby scare.”
Article: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/dec/10/josh-perkins-shakes-off-shoulder-injury-in-gonzaga/