View Full Version : It's Game Day, the best day of the week.

12-10-2017, 05:39 AM
Yes. It's game day, and always one of the very best games of the year, Been waiting for this one for a long long time. I'm so glad we get to play them again in Seattle. After losing to Villanova, this game is going to make us feel good and get back on track and our winning ways. I'm glad UW beat Kansas. I'm glad that UW basketball is now headin back uphill. I hope they give us a good game tonight. I will say one thing, they had better be ready for the GU train because it's going to be flying fast, and if they're not ready we're going to run them right out of the gym.

Let's hope our guys have learned from Florida. Hope they keep their heads up and play like Zags. There's no reason to lose two in a row. I'm sure Mark Few and his staff dealt with the Loss last Tuesday, and have the team ready for tonight. We're playing for the pride of Washington St, and I hope the players remember that. After all, let's not forget who we are. We are, Gonzaga.