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Sound Voltex
12-08-2017, 12:30 AM
https://twitter.com/jsports_wc/status/937920825440665600 via https://twitter.com/yokomiyaji


J SPORTS are a collection of satellite sports TV channels in Japan.

1/14 (Sunday) - 11:25am JST - J SPORTS 3
at San Fransisco

1/19 (Friday) - 10:55am JST - J SPORTS 1
vs. Saint Mary's (the site mistakenly repeats San Fransisco)

1/26 (Friday) - 12:55pm JST - J SPORTS 3
at Portland

They will also be showing games of GWU, the team with the other famous Japanese player in NCAA DI men's basketball, Yuta Watanabe. I hope our own Tahirou Diabate will grow this year out of similar freshman pains Rui had last year and join him in the spotlight next year, since Watanabe will be graduating this year.

All these games will be broadcast on either ESPN or ESPN U so my guess is that they just grab the feed directly from them without any gimmicks.

Would be interesting to see a Japanese-only commentary of a full NCAA game someday.

12-08-2017, 10:28 AM