View Full Version : CBS 25 and 1: Zags at #16. 12/7/17

12-07-2017, 10:52 PM

Although Parrish drops the Zags 3 spots, reading this article, a couple of things are clear. Loss to Nova, while disappointing, might be a "good" loss. Our 2 losses aren't too spectacular in the big picture. Florida was a tough loss in OT's. We lost to Nova ut were expected to.
So what we need to do now is do what we always do......win the rest of the OOC and this means UW, SDSU which we should. Those are teams of note. Then, we cruise through the WCC which I think we can with perhaps 1 loss.

As we have a 4 seed as of today, we should finish with 3 loss record for the year ( maybe 4).
Key to the future games is to develop the 3 outstanding first year guys, get serious on defense and probably let Larsen get more minutes clogging up the key to stop those unhindered drives we've seen.

Always, as the season heads to Jan and especially February, the top 10 teams will lose. If we hold our own, we should remain at a 4 seed or higher. Development is key to the future. Melson's doing much better. Josh? I still think he's a good shooter. Ballhandling is another story. Corey will return and will score and rebound like the great player he's been. Few needs to find the right combination.

Even with a less than optimal guard situation, who's to say Norvell won't become a superior 2/3? Only Few can make these guys play hard defense but the defense will win games. We MUST crush UW though.Hard to imagine Parrish dropped Kansas 22 spots after their UW collapse. 75% of the regular season is left. It's good team despite the 2 losses.

12-08-2017, 06:23 AM
I enjoyed reading the article very much. Parish has a lot of courage to drop Kansas that far, I think that Kansa' loss to the UW, Florida's loss to Florida St, and the Irish's loss to Ball State help Gonzaga. I'm glad to see the Zags are still in the top 20. I don't expect that AP or Coaches polls will do the same thing, but I think Parish is right. The Zags are also ranked at 14 on Kenpom, which I believe is the best ranking system. I guess the think to remember is GU's losses were not what is considered to be bad losses. And the loss to Villanova was not bad at all. Villanova is ranked #1 on Kenpom.The Zags have a big game aginst the UW on Sunday.